Powerpoint Slides on Theosophy (KVK Nehru)

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Powerpoint Slides on Theosophy (KVK Nehru)

Post by LoneBear » Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:41 pm

My friend, Prof. KVK Nehru of India, forwarded me some Powerpoint presentations he has done on Theosophy, for general viewing and discussion. You will need a PowerPoint viewer to watch them:

Evolution Through the Chains and Rounds (2004)

Man, God and the Cosmos (2004)

The Mystery of Re-incarnation (2004)

One Life - One Planet

Prana & Chakras (2007)

Super-physical Bodies (2004)

The Secret of Thought Power (2004)

The Vanguard of Humanity (2004)

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