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Remarks on Ego Destruction

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:09 am
by joeyv23
The following is a recently posted status on a spiritual/new age/ascension group's facebook page and my response to it. I thought to share this where I could. Posting it here to make sure I've got my ducks in their proper order. My thanks in advance for any input/critique.

The post:
Unless the heart chakra is activated and the third eye is awakened, it is impossible to perceive the mystical angelic dimensions surrounding us. Heart has the key to intuition, to the opening of the right brain hemisphere. Death of ego and the birth of compassion opens the doors of the other 10 DNAs.
Blessings of the divine kosmos
The response:

This is indicative of a group operating from the green vMeme of Spiral Dynamics. Blessings of the 'divine kosmos' seems to be in direct (or indirectly?) reference to David Wilcock's website, divinecosmos and David is without a doubt still stuck in the green, so to speak.
-for more on Spiral Dynamics click HERE

The heart is key yes, and intuition a rationalizing sense in the temporal, unseen inverse universe (time/space) where these other dimensions are experienced, but I cannot see evolution coming to a species near us by way of annihilating the ego.
I feel that there is a misconception here. Two aspects of our existence have been blended into a nemesis for us, by us (sic) to keep us locked into a state of competition with self; the shadow/anima/soul/psyche that is our temporal existence in the inverse universe, unseen to us in our normal waking state, and the ego.
-for more on shadow/anima check here

I believe the negative connotations inherent with present day discussion, and the subsequent attempt at destruction of our ego comes from not understanding and negatively associating the shadow with 'the dark side'. The shadow is that which part of our existence in the cosmic realm of time-space. It is the yin version of the ego, existing to the anima as the ego exists for us in the yang, material realm of space/time.

"Good" and "bad" are perceptive labels placed on a situation, person, or circumstance based on the valuing systems that are established in each person starting at a young age, and progressively adapting as we get older and experience more of the world around/inside of us. How we value any given aspect of our reality is subject to change over time, and it can be stated by many, myself included,that while good and bad were real to us before, they no longer exist to us in the same way that they once did.

Now comes the ego. It is suggested by many in the spiritual community that this aspect of our being must be eliminated in order for conscious evolution to occur, on the grounds that it wants, and wanting is "bad", but this doesn't make it so. The feelings and desires of want that we attribute to the ego, I feel, stem from our "birth" of consciousness/Spirit into this state of expression we call life, and are a microscopic reflection of the macrocosmic desire of consciousness/Spirit as a whole, to be. We each ask ourselves at some point, do I want this life? For me the answer was the internal observation, that I would not be if I did not desire it.

Is it a healthy practice to temper our level of want that we may focus our energies elsewhere? Absolutely! This doesn't mean we must shift into a perfect state of not wanting and service to others. It means we take stock of who we are and the things in our lives and shift to a state of gratitude for that which we have, and not let those things we coexist with have control over us. It means knowing that we each are enough. We are not lesser or greater than any other being in existence but rather we are equally important and integral to the functionality of this vast cosmos that we are each a part of.

I see evolution not in destroying that which is the representation of the characteristics that make each of us unique, but rather in the shift in awareness and conscious interaction from the accepted norm that is competition to its inverse "evolved" modality: rapport.

Rapport is, at its simplest, working together in cooperation. There is never a VS with rapport. There is, however, always an US (and I'm not referring to the corporate entity that constantly motivates us to stay in competition).

We can instigate this shift in awareness by realizing when we see two anythings in competition that they are usually two opposing sides of the same coin. When we realize this we can see how our competitive focus was only ever on half of the matter. See the coin as it is, and release its control on how it effects us physically/emotionally/psychologically/spiritually.

The 'win' doesn't come from one side having beaten another (in this case self overcoming the ego). The 'win' comes from the awareness that without one something to place in opposition of another something, there would not then come the desire to co-operate as a reciprocal alternative, the understanding that each something gave its opposing something meaning and purpose, and the realization that inevitably, the somethings had been working together all along to create new ways for consciousness/Spirit to explore/experience. This, to me, is the way towards truly evolving as unique units of consciousness/Spirit.

Re: Remarks on Ego Destruction

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:37 am
by LoneBear
Very impressive post!

Only thing that caught my eye was the use of "VS", which may not be obvious as "versus" from the context, since it is normally used in lower case as a conjunction. Verto means to "turn against," and US is us.

Re: Remarks on Ego Destruction

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:40 pm
by Lotus
joeyv23, I am curious what their reaction to your post is/will be. Could you keep us updated?

Re: Remarks on Ego Destruction

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:42 am
by joeyv23
Didn't generate much conversation, but I take this as a sign that the people that saw it, would find themselves thinking, at least more so than any other random post to social media that immediately begs for a reaction/comment. I've gotten these two comments back
The quest for the absolute annihilation of the ego is very dangerous. One leaves themselves open to control by others who crave power and control. In the instant one 'recognises' the Ego', one has come into instant ' awareness' of what one is Not. You cannot know who you are, unless you know who you are not.
Much good stuff in this post!
First & foremost- each of us is on his or her own path and certain teachers and teaching resonate with certain individuals. In addition, those teachings may use different terminology and could have a different definition for the same term. The Path is filled with paradox and there can be more than one correct answer. That being said, I believe we must start at the beginning to have useful understanding of this issue. Our soul "attaches and identifies" with 3 false bodies, and consciously experiences them exclusively, one at a time. It ID's with he physical, subtle(energy), and mental bodies to the point where the soul believes, via the ego mind, it "is" these false bodies. These bodies were created so God could experience Him/Her self through us. In order to return to our original state we must ascend through the higher planes of consciousness. To move from the physical(3D) to the subtle planes(4D) we must discard our attachments to the physical. Our attachments manifest in the form of desires of physical nature- the strongest being sex which persists throughout the realization process. These desires are also referred to as our "lower selves" as they are a carry over from our animal incarnations. At this stage, elimination of the ego/mind is not possible or warranted. What is possible and essential is that the mind and heart become more balanced with the heart deciding what you will do and the mind figuring out how to do it. Cooperation of the heart and mind. When the physical attachments have been dropped you enter the subtle or energy planes and now your soul exclusively identifies with the subtle body.
Once these attachments are dropped you enter the Mental planes of consciousness and your soul exclusively identifies with the mental body.
You are now at God's doorstep and in order to complete the journey the remaining desires of your mental(ego/mind) are dropped and the ego is gone- destroyed. In Peace & Unity.

Ego indulgence: Satanism

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:23 am
by LoneBear
I'm going to make a recommendation here that will surprise a few people... if you really want to understand the Ego, you need to read some material written by experts on the Ego--which are the Satanists. If you think about it, when you want to learn about sex you don't go to a nun--you go to a hooker, someone experienced. If you want to learn about the Ego, you don't go to those whom abstain the ego, but those who glorify it.

There is a lot of dogma programmed in for the word "Satan," which is just a job title that means "accuser" or "adversary." For example, the Church of Satan is designed specifically to be the adversary to the Church of God, where the former indulges the Ego and ignores the Soul, and the latter actually indulges the Soul and ignores the Ego. Like space and time, or yin and yang, you need to see both sides before you understand the concept of Motion or Tao.

The best research I have read on the indulgence of the ego is probably Anton LaVey's book, The Satanic Bible. (IMHO, Crowley is just disinformation.) The book ISN'T "scripture," but an analysis of the animal drives of the human being and how the religions have used those drives to obtain power and control for themselves. It's a fairly intellectual discourse, and quite funny at times--some of LaVey's quips about the hypocrisy of religion had me laughing out loud--hardly the thing I expected for something billed as wicked and evil as Satanism.

It is a short book which you can find online and divided into two parts: the first part is the research and analysis that lays out the doctrine of ego indulgence, which he labeled as "Satanism" just to irritate the church-goers. And it clearly shows the "thinking" of the New World Order types, whom have taken the concept to the extreme. The second part concerns rituals, which if you understood the first part, isn't worth reading--it's a "catch" to keep those that did not understand the conceptual basis of his thesis away from real power by giving them the same things the religions were providing, but in the opposite context.

The #1 thing I learned from LaVey was that, once you dig through the hypocrisy of the religions, what you have is this:

God-ism (Enlil-ism): abstain from the ego and indulge the soul.
Satanism (Enki-ism): abstain from the soul and indulge the ego.

This somewhat exemplifies the "path that doesn't play the game" because it is a quadration--when you ignore one side, such as religions ignore its adversary, it appears only as a dichotomy. This is what the Archive records were talking about: to transcend the system, you can't do it with a dichotomy at the base of a triangle, it needs to be a quadration at the base of a pyramid: ego/soul : abstinence/indulgence.

You can also see how Enki was misunderstood in the ancient records: Enki, the "snake in the Garden," introduced chimpanzee DNA into the Igigi (Lulu) stock, making them more animal-like. Therefore, they conclude that Enki's gift to humanity was his animal nature, and since Enki is a Sumerian god, to worship the animal nature is to worship the god.

Anyway, if you can overcome your social programming against understanding the doctrine of Satanism, LaVey's book is well worth reading.

Re: Ego indulgence: Satanism

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 3:32 pm
by Arcelius
LoneBear wrote:Anyway, if you can overcome your social programming against understanding the doctrine of Satanism, LaVey's book is well worth reading.
If you do read LaVey's book and are looking for a bit more, then I would suggest "Lords of the Left-Hand Path" by Stephen E. Flowers (Ph.D. so it is a bit more intellectual). He establishes the difference between the left-hand path (Satanism) and the right-hand path and then proceeds through a long list of people and organizations (past and present) and evaluates them against his set criteria.

Re: Remarks on Ego Destruction

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:15 pm
by Andrew
That was a great post, Joey. I made a similar post on FB earlier this year. I have a cousin who's been exposed to Eckhart Tolle and he is all about "getting your ego out of the way" and "coming to the present moment." Sort of the Buddhists approach to spiritual fulfillment. The first comment you got I agree with, how ego-annihilation is dangerous. I went through that thinking when I was young in my awakening process. It was hell. Like thinking your awareness of self is poison, and you can't drop it. Like your subconscious is an actual demon infesting you. Then its the paranoia of talking to others about "voices in your head" without sounding insane, and then realizing you have a sensitivity to others' thoughts and not knowing the difference. "Breaking out," without a guide.
Some of the scariest shit I've ever lived through were in those indefinite times of self.

I am somewhat familiar with Satanism from Mark Passio's work, but I'll have to look through The Satanic Bible. You may be able to deduce from above, I definitely broke out of the opposite worldview, like a good naive, blonde-hair, blue-eyed, obedient, Christian apologist.