Ranger Code of Ethics: Section 2 - Unconditional Love

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Ranger Code of Ethics: Section 2 - Unconditional Love

Post by Alluvion » Sun Mar 20, 2005 12:09 am

# Unconditional love is the hallmark of service to others.

1. Unconditional love starts with honoring, respecting, being true to and loving the self. One can only love others insofar as one loves the self. This means coming to know the self. Do not confuse loving the self with being self-serving.
2. As you discover parts of the self in which the light and love of the infinite Creator is not developed, find ways to develop that light within, to refine and tune the self to your highest and best truth within. You may see this as redeeming the shadow self.
3. Tools to work with in refining the self include meditation, contemplation, inspirational reading, and open communication in learn/teaching circles and direct communication with the densities which surround 3-D, both inner-planes of 3-D and other densities, asking for guidance as you feel you need it. Your guidance system is constantly with you.
4. Relate to other selves as if they were yourself. Love and uphold them as you do yourself. Honor and respect them as you do yourself. Unless asked, however, do not attempt to communicate values or teach. Relate directly, soul to soul, sharing your energy wholly and honestly and wait to be asked before sharing your opinions on beliefs and conduct.
5. Do not betray your belief system in order to respond to another's request. Do for another only those things you would do for the self.

I personally think that unconditional love is intellectually not taken apart as much as it can be by us on this forum. What does it mean to be ethical beings and yet hold unconditional love as a prime principle? How is unconditional love not that useless fluffy-dumb 'love' so attributed to new-agey flakiness? For me, unconditional love does not mean things will always be easy and pleasent and without responsibility and strain, but is a beleif that through all things - pleasent and unpleasent alike, acceptance is a main virtue. So unconditional love of the earth means accepting all her disasters and all her beautiful qualities, same as any being or any other group. To serve with unconditional love means first accepting and then choosing how service is best rendered - a choice of spirit first and mind second, but perhaps that is to hierarchical. I don't think living with unconditional love means one can't argue or have conflict, but that one works to not get entangled in being mean or in superiority complexes - that an argument doesn't necessitate a fight but an opportunity to find connection, even if that connection is the agreement to disagree. Unconditional love seeks to preserve harmony, but without the opression of difference and contradiction - rather its the acceptance of difference and contradiction that aims a conflict back towards a spiritual center, rather than a karmically unpleasent one. _adam

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Unconditional Love

Post by BlueEagle » Sun Mar 20, 2005 2:50 pm

I think you are just about right with the idea that unconditional love is acceptance and respect for all. For every situation, whether a conflict or joyus, for every person, whether they are attempting to control or they are being controled, we must realized that it is a learning process.

That does not mean that we will not fight, or make a mistake, but we can do it with acceptance and understanding. We accept that accept that there is conflict, and we thank the Universe for a chance to grow. Then we go "fight" for what is right, for service to others, where it is needed. Unconditional love won't mean that conflict will go away, in fact, it may mean that conflict increases.

I see unconditional love as a kind-of beneath the surface understanding. It is always shinning though, but it is very subtle.

Then again, I coudl be wrong. :)
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