Shock Dynamics: The Biblical Flood & Current Earth Configuration

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Shock Dynamics: The Biblical Flood & Current Earth Configuration

Post by Djchrismac » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:24 am

Along with reading Fomenko and now William Comyns Beaumont's incredible book(s) my head has been in pre-history, chronology and geology mode for ages time but i've also been spending a lot of time reviewing the ocean floor on google maps/earth and ArcGIS ocean floor map.

I was reviewing the "stretch marks" and other strange features like the South Sandwich Islands at the tip of South America, which looked to be a bit like the scar of a meteor glancing the earth at an angle, or slipping continental plates:
I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

The more I looked the more I saw stretch marks from expansion and having recently become an uncle, found something very interesting that is very much related: ... about-them

You'll love this... :D
How do stretch marks form?

Your skin can be divided into three main levels: the epidermis (outermost layer), the dermis and the subcutis (innermost layer). [think mantle, asthenosphere and lithosphere of the planet]

‘Stretch marks are caused by scarring that occurs in the dermis when it is stretched,’ explains Dr Anjali. During pregnancy, your skin becomes increasingly taut as your uterus expands to make space for your growing baby. But it’s like trying to build an extension for a new lodger without using any new bricks.

A rapid period of expansion disrupts the collagen and elastic fibres in your dermis, resulting in decreased strength and elasticity. This connective tissue is stretched to breaking point. ‘When this happens,’ explains Dr Anjali, ‘you can start to see deeper layers of your skin’s connective tissue through the gaps. This is what we call a stretch mark.’


Stretch marks don’t just affect pregnant women [they affect planets too!]. ‘I see a lot of teenage boys who have suddenly shot up in height and have stretch marks around their thighs,’ says Dr Anjali. ‘People who start to workout intensively can get them around their biceps, and individuals who have put on a lot of weight quickly are susceptible too.’ So you can expect to see them wherever there’s a rapid expansion.


With this in mind, viewing the stretch mark lines on the ocean floor shows expansion is often one direction, sometimes two, sometimes twisting, with the occasional lines going perpendicular or at angles but how was that possible...? In my head I was figuring out how the process happened but was unable to play around with it, almost resorting to cutting out maps or making one and layering with ocean floor age etc.

Luckily I decided to have a good look to see if any others were seeing what I was, especially in relation to meteor strikes during the great bombardment (and the earlier/bigger deluge). Having spent a lot of time up mountains and reviewing topography maps over the years I just knew that most mountain ranges were formed quickly in a fast cataclysmic event which folded over and raised ranges, as observed on many mountain features during my hikes.

I was completely blown away when I stumbled on the videos by John Michael Fisher about his Shock Dynamic Theory, they are so very accurate and logical and should give you all that "aha!" moment. Granted, he's not correct about absolutely everything, but he's open to the hollow earth theory as a result of this. The main crux of his argument is that the egg-shell of the earth was shattered by this early impact, creating continental plates that shuffled around due to a more liquid lithosphere as a result of the impact force, creating every single little surface detail you can see on our globe, mountains, continent positions etc. He also ties this in with gravity anomalies and much more.

Enjoy the videos and I also highly recommend reading through the entire website:

The website is:


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