Evolutionary Forces

Discussion of the basic concepts and philosophy behind the idea of a Sanctuary; a place where those exhibiting traits of the next generation of man can meet and learn, without prejudice or bias.
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Evolutionary Forces

Post by Gopi » Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:55 pm

Directing the Forces of Evolution

The occultist sees in the man of today a being in the full swing of evolution. Man is at the same time a fallen God and a God in the becoming.

- Rudolf Steiner

Upon looking at the evolutionary track of mankind, one observes that although the main track leads to an increase in consciousness, there are "sidetracks" which seem to lead elsewhere. It is important to understand the distinction between these, and the ways to identify them. What is also necessary is to identify what forces of evolution already exist, and which ones would have to be utilized in the Sanctuary project.

Any individual who is either planning to, or is already on a journey, has to take into account the immediate environment, and the forces which exist in and around him which can then be put into use. His internal environment might simply be whether or not he is healthy enough for his Path. A factor much bigger in magnitude is that of the external environment... there could be a certain speed and direction of the wind, which he could use if he decides to set sail, a terrain which he could take advantage of owing to the vantage point it provides, or even hitch a ride with the passing elephant if that is where he wants to move. In other words, it is important to intelligently modify the forces at our immediate disposal, because after all very little actually happens by chance and there would be a reason why one is presented with a particular situation.

A second point to be noted is that one can use a force which is contrary to the direction one wants to go, and direct it towards where required, as any sailor would bear witness to. A scientist seeks ways to do this, and calls them propulsion systems, and the concept here is the same. And therein lies the way of distinguishing the different tracks. A person who succumbs to the direction of the force, not being able to intelligently modify it and direct it where one wants, would inevitably assign his will to the force itself, to take him where it would. This gives rise to the different sidetracks on the course of the way, for the simple reason that there are many forces in the world today.

Let us take a look at the available forces in the beginning of the second millennium and see how we can utilize each one of them.

1. Technology

It takes little effort to observe that one of the predominant forces acting in the world today are the forces of technology, to which the consciousness is being directed towards. Following that track would mean assigning our intelligence to the evolution of technology, such that technology evolves, bringing things closer together in space to man's fingertips, while at the same time alienating him from his internal world and stunting personal growth, whether interpersonal or otherwise. In other words, if technology does something which an individual is supposed to do himself, if the individual spirit of seeking is outsourced to the technology because of which one "seeks new technologies", that would put him clearly on the sidetrack. However, one needs to utilize this force for an increase in the consciousness of the human being involved. An evolution of man would result in an evolution of technology, but the reverse is not necessarily true!

What is the essential nature of technology? It is to logically arrive at ways of bringing the necessary resources at the right time and place. For an individual seeking to increase his consciousness by himself, what are the relevant resources? The thoughts and ideas of other seekers, namely the communication of information. This gives us a clue to utilize this force... to dedicate its use to the communication of ideas. This is the underlying theme of Central Information.

2. Materialism

The world has developed a framework which relies on the uses of the five external senses. What this means is that the force we are dealing with directs people to define reality based on what they perceive with those sense alone. This force of the age is decidedly very powerful, and it would be unwise, and probably downright foolish if one were to deny the reality of the five senses. So in what way could we utilize this force?

If reality is attributed to the five senses, then what is needed is to provide a way to utilize those senses completely and thoroughly, such that by properly using them one "sees" that his way of seeing needs to be expanded. As many on the Path have noticed, the primary increase in consciousness lies in acknowledging the data already being received by the senses. Thus, this would serve as an educative principle, wherein the forces streaming from materialism are used as a foundation in order to expand the worldview of the individual concerned. This would demand a need for education which does not deny the reality of ANY world-view... a Tier 2 (see Psychological Environment) educational concept. The Antiquatis Institute is the idea sprung from this concept.

3. A Melting Pot

The unconscious influences of all the different races have been brought together in real time, as of today, leading to a situation where not many know what course to follow in their inner life. The evolutionary forces of one race are directly mixing with the evolutionary forces of another, leading to a situation where all the vertical and horizontal levels of evolution are thrown together to fight it out. And as is being seen regarding what "man has made of man", we are literally fighting it out... be it wars between countries or between ideologies. After all, what would one get by hammering the keys on a piano without being able to hear?

The utilizing of this force lies in two main stages... the first is acknowledgment of the different influences. That would mean separating out the different influences, and identifying the characteristics which make each of them unique. Focus in the east is more on relationships, while that in the west is more on things; focus in the hard-weathered Northern races is more on practicality, while in the equatorial region lies a current of idealism. Observing this would be similar to hearing, and identifying the notes in a musical scale.

The second stage is to put the influences back together, which would mean bringing those individuals together who have successfully differentiated and understood the influences, and working towards a common principle. This is the origin of the idea for the Kheb Monastery, where individuals can come together and create their own symphony, retaining their individuality and yet working with others. A melting pot is a unique opportunity, as it has a lot of forces which need direction. So we observe that it has brought us back to the theme of this article.

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