Overview of the Antiquatis Institute

The Institute is a non-profit, educational institution for the public promotion of the ideas and concepts put forth within the context of the Sanctuary Project. This forum is to discuss the structure of the Institute, requirements and the teach/learn and learn/teach systems.
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Overview of the Antiquatis Institute

Post by LoneBear » Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:10 pm

Overview of the Antiquatis Institute
School of Ancient and Arcane Wisdom
“The Masters and Saints working on the Right Hand Path began to collect the precious records and documents from the libraries of Lemuria. Each Master was chosen by the Council of the Great White Hierarchy to go to a different section of the world, where, in safety, he could set up a School of the Ancient and Arcane Wisdom. This was to preserve the scientific and spiritual knowledge of the past. At first, for many thousands of years, these schools were to remain a mystery to the inhabitants of the world; their teachings and meetings were to be secret. Hence, they are called even today Mystery Schools or the Shan-Gri-Las of Earth.”
Secrets of the Andes, George Hunt-Williamson
Times have changed, but people really haven't. Despite all the education and resources available these days, there are still those who would prefer to destroy what they do not understand, rather than attempt to comprehend it. As mentioned in the quotation, the prior method to preserve and distribute knowledge as through secret schools, where members were recruited by word-of-mouth. In the Information Age, the situation is quite different. We no longer have the local boundaries imposed by lack of communication. The entire planet is available at the press of a button, and the best way to preserve information is to distribute it. Distribution includes written, electronic, and word-of-mouth through formal education and informal chats.

The Antiquatis Institute is the public, "front end" of the Sanctuary Project, designed as a non-profit, educational and scientific organization whose purpose is to archive past knowledge, research and develop new ideas and skills, as related to the evolution of mankind.

The Institute is intended to provide:
  • A public "face" to the project, at a level comprehensible to the general public.
  • A communications and publication hub, to distribute materials (information, courses, books, etc) and to receive materials intended for study or archive purposes.
  • An internet/web nexus, to provide library and research information in electronic form to other researchers, world-wide.
  • A formal school for presentations, workshops and study groups.
  • An informal school for discussions, research and "retreats".
  • A physical library and archive of books, audio and video with public reference access.1
1 "Reference" access means that the material is restricted to use in the library, or in the case of the Sanctuary Project, the project facilities.

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