Welcome to Antiquatis! READ BEFORE REGISTERING!

NOTICE: There are NO PUBLIC FORUMS you can post to on this site. You must register to post and view additional forums. PLEASE READ THIS FORUM for general information about features of this forum, rules, member options and guidelines.
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Welcome to Antiquatis! READ BEFORE REGISTERING!

Post by LoneBear » Thu Aug 05, 2004 1:34 am

Welcome to Antiquatis!

This site is dedicated to the evolution of mankind, in body, mind and spirit. Within, you will find information and pioneering research applying ancient knowledge to modern concepts. This site has a three-fold goal:
  1. Provide background information on ancient knowledge and its modern interpretation.
  2. Locate others interested in the application of ancient knowledge to the advancement of knowledge and consciousness, both personal and planetary.
  3. Provide information and status on projects that apply this ancient knowledge to a new form of living and community.

Membership is free. You MUST be a member to post or reply to any of the forums. Additional groups are available under the "Usergroups" section of the User Control Panel.

SPAM and any form of unsolicited commercial advertising is explicitly forbidden. If you SPAM, you will be removed from the forum.

The discussions in this forum are primarily for people with a systemic or holistic view of the world. As such, common courtesy and respect for others points of view is required in posts. There are millions of flame-war forums on the Internet -- and this isn't one of them. Intolerance will not be tolerated!

RSS/Atom Newsfeeds

Some of the forums are available via RSS and Atom Syndication feeds to the general public. They are the ones listed prior to logging in. Registered members, after logging in, have full access to the RSS/Atom feeds for all forums they are members of.

Registration Information

Due to excessive harassment from spammers, you will need the following codes to register for the Antiquatis fora. The answers do not make sense, because if they did, the spambots would figure them out!

Color: cupboard6
Name: snowdrop2
Date: telescope9
Place: runner5
Landmark: jennifer7

Please use these answers to answer the registration questions.

Thank You, and Enjoy your Visit

Lone Bear
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