Mobile Survival Pack Gear

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Mobile Survival Pack Gear

Post by Tulan » Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:45 pm

In light of presentiment, I've been compiling (and putting together) a list of necessary gear for "mobile" survival. By mobile I mean anything outside of off-grid sustainable housing/survival solutions (such as an off-grid cabin in the deep woods, or Sanctuary). Right now I'm just compiling it and pulling it all together, next step will be weighing it all and prioritizing the items so I can reach a good balance between useful tools and weight; the lighter you are the more mobile you generally are (simplicity trumps Inspector Gadget). IOW, don't criticize the list on complexity and weight till I post about what I've whittled down and taken out!

1. Fundamentals
- [X] Osprey Kestrel 38 Backpack (the 38 is a good mix between big and small)
- [X] Backpack Rain Fly
- [X] Silk Sleeping Sack (keeps bugs out and adds additional insulation)
- [X] Mummy Sleeping Bag (sub zero ratings preferred)
- [X] Self Inflatable sleeping mat (ProForce or ThermaRest - new ones are lighter but made of a flammable material :-/ )
- [X] Light Weight Umbrella
- [X] 50' Nylon Guy Line
- [X] Tarp
- [X] Camelback Bladder (insertable into backpack)
- [X] 2 1 liter Nalgene Water Bottles
- [X] Headlamp (LED bulbs!)
- [ ] Bivy Sack
2. Clothing
- [X] SmartWool Long Sleeve Shirt
- [X] Beanie Liner
- [X] Synthetic Beanie hat (one with ear covers?)
- [ ] Synthetic Fleece
- [ ] Wind Breaker/Fleece Shell
- [ ] Gaiters
- [ ] Synthetic Pants (unzippable to shorts?)
- [ ] SmartWool Long Underwear
- [ ] 3 pair Synthetic Underwear
- [X] SmartWool Socks (atleast 3 pairs)
- [X] Compact Rain Poncho
- [X] Bandanas (wiping sweat, face mask in dust storms, etc...)
- [X] Gloves
- [X] Sunglasses
- [X] Wide Brimmed Synthetic Hat with Head Straps
- [X] Goggles
3. Shoes
- [X] Sportiva Scramblers w/ Climber's Rubber on Treads (not boots, but they are super light and grip rock better than boots)
- [ ] Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek
- [ ] Dr. Scholls Inserts
- [ ] 3 Extra Laces (heavy duty)
4. Survival
- [X] 1st Aid Kit
- [ ] Maps (topo and/or road maps)
- [X] Analog Compass
- [X] Iodine/Neutralizer Tablets
- [ ] Ultraviolate Sanitizer
- [ ] 2 Candles
- [X] Space Blanket
- [X] Space Blanket Bag (it's a space blanket sewed into the shape of a bag)
- [X] ProForce Survival Matches
- [X] Firesteel
- [X] Magnesium Flaker w/ Striker
- [ ] WetFire Tinder
- [ ] Butane Lighter
- [X] Whistle
- [ ] Signal Mirror
- [ ] Sewing Kit (replace thread with Nylon thread, dental
floss, or fishing line)
- [X] Multi-tool (Leatherman)
- [X] Gerber Hinderer CLS Folding Knife (seatbelt cutter, oxygen tank wrench, and window smash built in)
- [X] Gerber Shard Keychain Tool (7 basic functions cut into a single piece of metal, airplane safe)
- [X] SOG Seal Pup Knife
- [ ] GATCO TRI-SEPS Serration Edge and Point Sharpener
- [ ] Flares (night & day)
- [ ] Cable Ties
- [ ] Pepper or Bear Spray
- [ ] Binoculars or Monoculars
- [ ] Duct Tape
- [ ] Plastic Tubing
- [ ] CB Radio (this is a heavy item, but in a survival situation...)
- [X] Machete
- [ ] Hard Case
- [X] Hand crank chargeable flash light (LED bulb)
5. Kitchen
- [X] Ultralight Mini Stove (MSR Pocket Rocket?)
- [X] Pot (just one)
- [X] Spork
- [ ] 2 1 lt Water Bladders (hangable)
- [X] Dental Floss
- [X] Infant Toothebrush
- [X] Dr. Bronners Pure Castille Soap (multipurpose/18 uses)
6. Miscellaneous
- [ ] Digital Multi-purpose Watch
- [X] Journal
- [X] Pen
- [X] Plastic Garbage Bag(s) (heavy duty)
- [X] Plastic Freezer Bags (slide zip variety)
- [X] ID, Cash, etc...
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Re: Mobile Survival Pack Gear

Post by Arcelius » Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:44 pm

Nice list or start of a list! No matter what ends up on the list, you should still have some skills related to using the equipment before actually using it. For example, if you don't know how to build/start a fire, then there isn't much point in the Magnesium Flaker with Striker. You should probably try out the list a few times before considering it final. Also, carrying some food will make you a little more mobile since you wouldn't need to stop to find some along the way. I just noticed that there weren't any food items on the list.

I'll also just note that you are making some climate assumptions with your list. For example, you will not last very long in a Canadian winter with what is on the list only. I've done some winter camping here when it's quite cold and mobility takes a second seat to survival. You need more stuff to stay warm, melt ice, cook, etc. It's possible that this may grow into more than one list.

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Re: Mobile Survival Pack Gear

Post by Tulan » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:13 pm

Yeah, I've used everything - I do plenty of backpacking; parents also sent me on a few survival trips when I was younger (read: 6/7 years ago). I also make a point to use all my tools at least once, in a fashion that would be similar to their need out in the wild. Both my knowledge and my knowledge of my tools is abreast - I also carry the FM71 Army Survival Manual with me for "just in case" - it's relatively light and packed with a lot of general knowledge.

I'm trying to keep my mobile pack as general as possible - so, yes, some of my equipment choices wouldn't hold up well in any sort of extreme climate. I'm more interested in having something that works well for the majority of situations. Winter, desert, and jungle survival are separate topics that require different gear.
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Re: Mobile Survival Pack Gear

Post by LoneBear » Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:40 pm

Parachute cord is better than nylon guy wire, as it is also separable into threads that can be used for clothing repair.

Chlorine (hypochlorite) is also very handy for sanitation. In dry form, like the tablets used in swimming pools, a little goes a long way.

In survival situations, a CB radio is probably not a good thing, as it can give away your location to those who are looking for supplies. There is plenty of radio gear in towns and cities; I would recommend using those facilities or setting up a CB transmitter with a tape recorder playback, so you aren't where the radio is, but can keep an eye on who shows up.

Also food... protein bars are small and very useful. Carbs are usually available, as things like pasta lasts a long time. Hunting for protein can be a dangerous and time-consuming task. Man can go for several weeks without food--however, after about three days one can die of thirst, so a good water filter (small, hand-operated pump style) is a necessity.

When civilizations start to fail, sanitation becomes the #1 issue--things can get nasty very quickly when you can't flush. And bacteria spreads fast through water systems and the air. A gas mask would be of some value, not necessarily to protect from a gas attack as much as to protect from other contaminants.

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