The End of the World as we Know It?

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The End of the World as we Know It?

Post by LoneBear » Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:14 pm

REM wrote:That's great it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes and aeroplane...
Well, we've had the earthquakes, birds going crazy flying into buildings killing themselves en masse, mutant amphibians, and 911 airplane terrorism, massive amounts of oil, methane and other petrochemicals dumped into the oceans and air, covered up with a bacteriological plague to eat the oil while suffocating people with the "blue flu", and now massive amounts of nuclear radiation spreading around the northern hemisphere of the planet--over a dozen EPA monitors in California set off a "nuclear fallout" alarm and were shut down as being "defective." Yeah, right. And that is just what was made public.

I have been monitoring radiation levels here in Wyoming since the initial Japan earthquake, and the background radiation levels are now significantly higher than they were, prior to the nuclear incidents in Japan. And this is a relatively low contamination area. I've monitored background radiation levels for about a decade, and know what the norm is... on my detector, about 1 click every 2-3 seconds, for an altitude of about a mile high. Usually not even enough to register on my millirad meter. Just checked with today's rainstorm, and it's as high as 2-3 clicks a second, with very few quiet intervals. Considering the tube as a detector surface of 3 square inches--1 particle per square inch per second. If you don't know what that means, well, given the average surface area of a human body, about 2800 in2, that's about 2800 particles blasting through your body every second--used to be around 700. When I consider the amount of surface area in the northern hemisphere of the planet to be increased by that much... that's one heck of a lot of radioactive material.

The Earth, itself, is in no danger--only the life living on it. But it will mean some changes for mankind, particularly since radiation is the cause of mutation, and mutation is required for adaption to a changing environment.

In the Law of One material, Ra stated that the "bigfoot" entity was being kept around for this very reason--in case man had a nuclear war and the surface became heavily irradiated, the bigfoot-type body is resistant to those effects and could make for a substitute form that consciousness could incarnate into, in case of radiation disaster. Well, now we've got it. Unless someone has a few cases of "Nuke-Away" laying around, we are in this scenario. Expect change, and on a large scale.

Speaking of Nuke-Away (from "Mork & Mindy"), Larson's Reciprocal System of theory actually does show how to eliminate all nuclear radiation--but it is not selective. It would shut down bombs, reactors and all forms of nuclear fission--totally. It is called the "magnetic ionization level." All that has to be done is to reduce the current level of 1 natural unit of ionization, back to zero, and all nuclear fission--planetwide--stops, and the atoms become stable isotopes. Fat chance that will ever be considered, as it will pretty much disable the Atlantean technology in use around the world and return the inhabitants back to an agrarian culture--curiously enough, just like Atlantis became after they wiped out 40% of their population through a similar "oops." Curious the way history repeats itself, when one does not learn from it.

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