Nonlocality of the Shadow, Projection and Transference

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Nonlocality of the Shadow, Projection and Transference

Post by LoneBear » Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:40 pm

I was researching galactic morphology, and somehow found my way to soul-images and the shadow side of the personality. Typical Aquarian, butterfly clan process...

It occurred to me that if the psyche follows the same reciprocal and conjugate principles that we defined in RS2, then the shadow (the conjugate ego in the unconscious), and its version of persona, "soul-images", would ALL be non-localized, like the Minbari version of the soul (the light on the wall). In other words, the unconscious contents would be PROJECTED about a person like a magnetic field.

I think this model offers some interesting insight, since ALL unconscious content is nonlocalized, so it is ALL projected, by default.

To active the nonlocalization from a conscious experience, it must be REPRESSED into the unconscious (the particle becoming the wave). So repression becomes a tool of the psyche to externalize something we don't want to deal with, so we can see it. That big, reciprocal loop just like the interaction between material and cosmic galaxies... material dust to stars clusters to galaxies to quasars to FTL explosion, scattering dust into the cosmic sector, where it makes c-stars, c-clusters, c-galaxies, c-quasars to STL (slower than light) explosion, scattering dust back into the material sector. (Bet you were wondering how I was going to connect the Shadow back to galaxies!) I've noticed the similarities between astronomical events and biological ones before.

When we make repressed contents conscious, it "localizes" it so it is no longer projected, but takes its place within a structural complex in the psyche, transforming the wave to the particle. That is why introspection is required to make something conscious--you have to yank the structure back from the unconscious interiority to remove its projection. Interacting with the "light on the wall" cannot accomplish much, except to make hand puppets (more persona to try to interact). Of course, projection can become transference, in which case the repressed contents is pushed even deeper and out of the personal unconscious, into one of the collective unconscious layers (familial, racial, social, cultural, species, etc). The projection is still there, but it become more of an archetypal projection--you're still watching the movie, but have been locked out of the projection room. The unfortunate solution to most issues of transference is to burn the screen (or the theatre), so the movie is no longer seen. This is the essence of "hate" and the violence associated with hate--trying to burn down the theatre, because you can't pull the plug.

Recognizing the projections as a nonlocal aspect of the Shadow in the external environment, combined with some RS/RS2 knowledge, does open the door to a rather simple solution to converting transference BACK to projection, then back to consciousness... as they say, "fight fire with fire"--in order to remove a collective projection, one must use COLLECTIVE tools--in other words, CREATE a projection and aim it at the movie screen of the transferred contents. In the realm of the unconscious, what appears to be two, non-localized functions are interacting LOCALLY--one movie screen CAN effect the contents of another. Sort of like the Vorlon approach--break off a piece of consciousness (localized), which is INTELLIGENT ENERGY, give it instructions, and push it down into the unconscious. It will appear nonlocalized and projected--weird things will start happening in the "outside" world, as you watch it do its job. There is a difference between a "conscious act" (splitting consciousness) and an "unconscious act" (repression), so you are still in communication with the contents, like talking at the actors on a movie screen--except they can hear you. It can then roundup the transferred contents (attractive principle required--must be harmonic) and bring it back into your psyche, where it just becomes "projection" again.

For example, if you've transferred the "wise old woman" archetype onto a real woman, and she leaves, then you have to CREATE a new "wise old woman" complex in your psyche (sort of like Zoe's "search engine" program that created her living Avatar on "Caprica.") There is still PLENTY of information in your psyche on what the original complex was like, more than enough to create a new version. You just have to use meditation, contemplation and introspection to CONSCIOUSLY generate the complex, then send it on it's mission. Your created projection, being harmonically sympathetic to the transferred complex, will attract it, absorb it into itself, reestablishing a common projection which can then be brought into consciousness.

Actually simpler to do than I described it, as it's tough to describe.

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