Conflict and Geometry

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Conflict and Geometry

Post by LoneBear » Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:57 am

Had a rather interesting dream last night, that was showing a correspondence between conflict and geometry. Lengthy dream, with the same situations repeating with different characters. Took me all night to find the correlations between the situations.

It came down to a description of geometric duality. In 3 dimensions, points and planes are "duals", with the line being the common structure. The dream had many different symbols for this structure, from World Wars, wolves hunting on the prairie, kings versus peasants, sharks chasing swimmers in the ocean,... the last of the series was a Cardassian invasion of the Federation, which was played out in the "Deep Space 9" series.

That was when I built the geometric correlation--the Cardassians were the "planes" attacking the Federation "points" because of duality. And in its simplest terms, that's all it was--nothing to do with political ideology... they were a collective force, a plane, that was sweeping through the sector, trying to rearrange points, not much different than a magnetic field moving iron filings around on a sheet of paper. The points didn't want to move, and were fighting this nonlocal force of occupation. The only non-participants in the war was Nature, the plants, animals, etc., that were sitting "on the line." The "lines" weren't in any kind of duality or conflict... a line between two points was able to work constructively with a line made by the intersection of two planes. Lines are lines, and easily understood each other, whereas points and planes were so different, they had no idea they were just two perspectives of the same coordinates.

There was also VIVID colors involved on the "plane" side. I recall the Cardassian "planes" had vivid bands of color in them, like a colored, contour map, that described attributes of the structure. Probably a simplification and symbolization of the politics and motivations taking place. The "points" did not have any color--they were just white. Only the aggressor, the plane, had these colors splattered all over, and when they would sweep through a system, some of that color would get left behind.

There were two concepts I was able to extract from the dream. The first was earlier on, and had to do with "conflict" in general. I recall being chased by a pack of wolves, and was running. I was the prey, they were the predator. It occurred to me that if you didn't have the duality, you could not have the conflict, so I stopped in my tracks, turned and charged the oncoming wolves, barking back at them, loudly. They were startled, turned tail and ran off.

It reminded me of an old "Red Dwarf" (BBC SciFi/comedy series) where the main character, an anthropomorphic cat, was talking about a game of "cat and mouse" and that, unless you believe those stupid cartoons, you never want to be the mouse, because the mouse always loses.

The point was not switching sides, but the fact that if you wanted to be a cat or a wolf--you had to be PART of this duality, not sitting on the line/fence. That thought triggered an interesting "update" in my mind that connected natural and artificial "realities." Larson had his natural and coordinate reference systems. Mathis has his natural and diagrammatic reference systems. Politics has common and civil law. Theology has its spirituality and religions. Everywhere I looked, I saw that same pattern of a natural (linear, rapport) and an artificial (duality, rivalry) structure, all the way back to Pythagoreas' monad-dyad-harmonia system: the monad (one) is "natural," Larson's "unit speed." From the one arises duality, the dyad, and conflict. That is where everything seems to be these days. It also gave me an understanding of where mankind is headed: harmonia.

In my RS2 research, I go to lengths to show that only "space" is observable and measureable. "Time" is invisible and can only be measured by how it affects space (like iron filings in the magnetic field). If we cannot see it, we do not understand it, and it is treated as an "invader," because it manipulates without or knowledge or consent. Once you begin to "see what cannot be seen," the invader just becomes a co-worker in a larger picture, and conflict gives way to cooperation.

The second concept I got was the nature and reason for this duality/conflict. It was summed up quite nicely by Gul Dukat, the ruler of the Cardassian empire in the dream. I finally "saw it"--the message that this dream was trying to convey all night long, and Dukat looked at me and said:
"So, is winning more important than learning?"
Winning keeps you in the duality. Learning brings one to harmonia. (I think this may be what the Law of One transition to 4th density is actually about.)

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