Opening page for the Alliance

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Opening page for the Alliance

Post by LoneBear » Wed Jan 19, 2005 9:56 pm

This is a modification of the speeches that created the Interstellar Alliance on Babylon 5, to be applicable to Earth. I am considering using it for the opening page to the Intraplanetary Alliance public web page. Opinions?

For many years, all of us here have prized our good relations with others. You have shown through your examples, that strength comes from a multitude of voices, brought together in common cause.

People form communities. In that spirit, we have voted to abandon the United Nations and create a new Alliance, based on mutual cooperation and respect.

An Alliance born in the diverse voices of many countries, people, and beliefs, joined by their desire to build a better future, and their decision to voluntarily recognize a common authority.

This new alliance will help less advanced peoples to improve their conditions. It will encourage better relations between our races, and promote free trade. Above all, it will work to create peace.

Central to this process, is a group of people, trained to work together, and dedicated to the higher principles of duty, honor and peace. They have been entrusted with the most advanced knowledge and skill in existence, now that the Els have left us. Among the Minbari, they are called Anla'shok. But among our people, they are called, The Rangers.

They come in peace, and will stay only where they are invited to stay. They will help protect you from crusaders, or invasion by others. They will work with your military to strengthen your borders--but understand, they will do so equally, and fairly. If you are planning a war of aggression against your neighbors, the Rangers will hear about it. And so will your neighbors.

If other members in the alliance choose to intervene on behalf of those being attacked, the Rangers will provide the information, but will NOT intervene directly. Their goal is to create the peace, not enforce the peace.

This is a political, economic and theological alliance--not one based on military strength. The gains you will receive by working peacefully with others far outweigh anything you might achieve by force.

The alliance recognizes your sovereign right to govern your own people, with their explicit consent, but membership in the alliance means you will honor a Code of Conduct in your relations with others, or risk losing all the things we stand to give you.

Finally, each member of the Alliance will be able to contribute volunteers to join the Rangers, thereby assuring their independence and fairness. All of us have agreed to recognize the independent authority of the Rangers.

Honored Visitors, we now invite you to join the new Alliance. You may decline, if that is your wish. We will leave in peace, and honor your decision. If you accept, we believe it will signal a new age of peace and prosperity.

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Re: Opening page for the Alliance

Post by Alluvion » Thu Jan 20, 2005 2:05 am

"Their goal is to create the peace, not enforce the peace."



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