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Re: Climate Engineering

Post by animus » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:32 pm

There might be more amateur shots of the ISS on the internet. As I said, I haven't actively searched for them yet. I'd rather save some money and look for the evidence in real life instead, algong with the other phenomena seen in various videos, especially those of Crrow777. Otherwise I will never be sure.
LoneBear wrote: Update: Here's a very interesting video, proving the AstroNOT theory:

It is the little "oops" moments like this that tell a LOT about what is going on.
That little "oops" moment was done deliberately! Objective was to further strengthen the Flat Earth psyop. I don't know all the figures playing part in the psyop but the guys on cluesforum do a good job at outing them.
Regarding this video, you can read Simon's post about it or his comment on (search for "to see right through this ongoing DBA-campaign")

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Re: ISS: The International Space Station

Post by DSKlausler » Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:42 am

animus wrote: ...cluesforum and have a lot of information on these topics. I haven't gone through them yet.
I have; they go as far as to say ZERO satellites (ISS included). This is backed by what I think is fairly solid investigation. They are first rate on video analysis. However, much of the physical reasoning includes the impossibility of chemical rocketry functioning in a vacuum. I saw no discussion on alternate motive methods - be they high tech [hidden] military, or off world reverse-engineered. Actually, it seems they do not accept extra-terrestrial anything.

I could be wrong though; there is a ton of info there.

I should have said that I include CluesForum in my commentary, not the other.
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Re: Climate Engineering

Post by dave432 » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:53 am

Djchrismac wrote: The thing I still see and record every single day is the sunrise/sunset being blocked and the sun "magically" attracting clouds throughout the day and always towards it no matter where it is in the sky. Factoring in RS2 and the sun changing and it looks like they aren't blocking the heat from the sun like I once thought but the uV radiation, as we've all felt how "burny" it is on a rare clear day. The overall temperature increase seems to be a result of "global burning" caused by more than a century of industrialisation and geoengineering.
Somewhere on either CH or AQ, daniel mentioned the difference between thermal heat and radiation "heat" or burning (high frequency EM like gamma rays, uV rays and X-rays). This was a helpful clarification but still a bit confusing for me because as the sun continues to expand, doesn't that imply a kind of cooling process? I'm in danger of oversimplifying but I thought expansion generally meant cooling, like expanding Earth is cooling and lowering the magnetic ionization level. But the sun's magnetic ionization level is increasing as the sun expands and transitions, but doesn't that have to do with an increase of FTL motion producing more radio waves, and aren't radio waves more of a thermal heat? I think I've got the basic idea, that as matter accelerates FTL in the sun, radio waves are produced by super-hot inverse heat, and as solar matter slows down below the speed of light boundary (CMEs and flares) X-rays are produced. So, is the inverse heat from sunspots and coronal holes having the spatial effect of a type of cooling as the sun expands while the resulting radio waves are an increase of thermal heat? Still trying to get some of these concepts down so that I might be able to basically explain to someone who asks what is going on with the sun. Like you say, the uV burning on the skin is so obvious now on a sunny day, so I'm still not clear whether radiation burning or thermal heat is being deflected by the heavy metals in the atmosphere. Or is it some of both? The temps on Earth are also affected by "earth spots" (thredules) coming from the planet's core so obviously there are many factors at play.
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666 on sky in Montreal

Post by deepfsh » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:56 am

The guy is genuine (I know him from before), the video is genuine, but what's the motive of writing it? Probably a joke or some kind of test maybe. Either way, I suppose "chemtrails" were used, otherwise those numbers wouldn't last so long.
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Re: 666 on sky in Montreal

Post by LoneBear » Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:56 pm

deepfsh wrote:Either way, I suppose "chemtrails" were used, otherwise those numbers wouldn't last so long.
It looks like 999 to me. :)

Skywriting is done with paraffin oil ejected into the aircraft exhaust, which acts as condensation nuclei. In good conditions, it lasts about 15-20 minutes.
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Re: Climate Engineering

Post by Aravinda » Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:46 pm

:D This is my first post so i am going to just throw a bunch of things out here that have been my experience in introduction! Hello everyone, perhaps some of these things have been mentioned before, i am a solution oriented person so what can we do to change things is always my question. and since ask and you shall receive is law, when you ask, it is given and a space is opened up to create an alternative. We are programmed from birth to be victims and to be taught we are powerless and must bow to authorities. this is a lie, and we can do the work to change this and decide that we decide. modern parenting disempowers and harms children and these children grow up and never realize they have the right to decide. it was engineered this way, the very people who should love, honor and protect their children, betray them and turn them into slaves for the very system that suppresses them. we must raise our children to know they decide, so they dont have to waste time letting go of garbage and can be who they really are.

chemtrails are a problem, but there are solutions. nature is sentient, so how about asking the cloud people to not participate in the artificial matrix that is being created. what about asking the Sylphs to help us make the skies beautiful again? how about chipping away at the giant question of "who decides" and becoming more firm that i decide and i create. who are "they" anyway, and why does everyone make them more important than anyone else? its nothing but programming and distraction to trick us into giving our power away. black magic is the way of those who feel powerless on the inside and think they must take and subjugate others. humanity has been in the duality of peasant and master for a long long time and we have another opportunity to move out of this and grow. our American Republic was founded to give the people a chance to take responsibility and have freedom and to realize and practice being sovereign. for the first time, a nation of laws, not men was created, and this has inspired people around the world. the people have failed to live up to this responsibility and it is the apathy, ignorance and arrogance of the peasants that has created destruction and suffering. legal and lawful action can be taken, and our public servants can be held to their oath by the people, who are the ones with the power, but it takes courage, intelligence, hard work and love to follow through. if this had been done, there would be no chemtrails today, nor would any of the other atrocities be possible.

I see chemtrails and everything else as a natural occurrence to inspire growth and to fill the vacuum that is created when people give their power away to someone else. this is a world based on beliefs and agreements, its just an illusion, a dream, and anything is possible. we must use cause and effect to our advantage, not to our detriment. how about when we see chemtrails, we just banish them, "see" them disappearing and decide that this is my home, my world, and i choose beauty and mother nature and i trust in the good of the multiverse and All That Is and call upon that power that is within me as a sacred part of All That Is. what a great way to get feedback and grow and become stronger. we can not solve a problem with the same thinking that created it, and must seek a higher consciousness. this is possible thru practice and is available to everyone.

As Thich Naht Hahn has humbly said, we are all responsible for the state of the world. there is great power in responsibility, being in the realm of the heart where all possibilities exist, not the limited mind, where blame resides and no answers or solutions can exist. we must conquer all of the fear we have been fed and let it go, and free that energy so it can evolve, as well as us.

i believe in the generosity and wisdom of nature and we are at a crossroads, a splitting of the worlds between those who hate and fear nature and those who feel akin to her. those who hate and fear nature are building an artificial matrix, and chemtrails are one of the puzzle pieces to do so. an artificial grid with developing artificial intelligence, which is already more advanced than the public is aware of. the people are being given a choice of which new game they want to play next. everything that is going on is not just about power, money or control, it is about souls.

our attention is very valuable, which is why marketing is so big. those who feed on fear and violence need our attention to survive and remain in power. we must be very discerning and only give our attention to what serves us. just because someone is selling something, doesnt mean we have to buy it. we do have a choice, free will is another law that must be granted.

I think its wonderful that so many on this forum are choosing different and are working toward that goal. after reading many posts i decided this is a group worthy of my attention. i appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this, and to be of service. Namaste.
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