Chinese mythology

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Chinese mythology

Post by zuoqian » Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:08 am

LoneBear wrote:
zuoqian wrote:In Chinese "Xian" is the Taoist version of immortal, Quan Xian Yin is not a normal Chinese name and sounds like an awkward translation. Also I think Nuwa( is the Chinese version of Sumerian Ninhursag, In folkstory she create human using clay.
It is interesting how that parallels the Native American beliefs, particularly with the turtle symbolism, being created from clay and the colored stones--but in the Native American lore, there are the "4 colors" of the Earth: yellow, red, black and white clay, representing the 4 races of man.

And it is remarkable that just about every culture has a reference to the "pillars" holding up the heavens, though I've never quite figured out what that was an allusion to.

You should start a topic on Chinese mythology; just from the short sections I read on the Wikipedia, it looks fascinating (and it would be nice to have a more "realistic" source than the Wikipedia!).
It would be very meaningful to compare Chinese mythology and other culture, this site lists some of the best known myths, and there is a whole ebook with title Myths and Legends of China on the internet. It is a shame that myself do not know traditional culture very well under the modern Western style education, there are many truths buried in the myths and remote antiquity history need to be unearthed, but for now I can only collect some related materials.

There is also a site called Living Myths which says:
This site explores myths – symbolic stories which have evolved orally, and which have guided and inspired humanity for thousands of years.

We retell and comment on Celtic, Greek, Native American and Chinese mythology, showing that myths are still alive with the power of the collective unconscious.

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