Recent Dreams + "South African Cave Yields Strange Bones Of Early Human-Like Species"

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Recent Dreams + "South African Cave Yields Strange Bones Of Early Human-Like Species"

Post by joeyv23 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:45 am

A news story is making its round right now about a new species of hominids related to Homo Sapiens Sapiens being discovered in a cave in South Africa by anthropologist Lee Berger and co.

The local report stated that he is local to the area here, growing up in a town about a 40 minutes drive from where I live and is an alumni of the college in the town where I work, Georgia Southern University. He apparently also saved someone from drowning in a river a few years back so his name and face have already made their way around and it looks as though he's on the fast track to widespread fame with this discovery.

This story caught my attention for a different reason though. I wasn't paying any conscious mind to the news because I was transcribing a dream from this morning about moving into a cave system with my Dad and our German Shepherd. So 'cave' stuck out at me. Yesterday I dreamed about having a conversation with someone in their kitchen and noticing the linoleum on the floor had been flaking up and a portion of it that was missing had left the outline of Africa on the floor and even mentioned the peculiarity of this to the person I had been speaking to on the way out. I understand dreams are symbolic and me, but those two things, 'caves' and 'Africa' caught my attention and made me feel the need to look further into the story, and it seemed fitting to share it here.
National Geographic paleoartist John Gurche used fossils from a South African cave to reconstruct the face of Homo naledi, the newest addition to the genus Homo. ... ke-species
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