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Post by mongo » Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:11 pm

Hi everyone. I just finished reading EDEN, by Anton Parks. 2013 Pahana Books. isbn: 978-2-9544566-2-1. Mr. Parks offers his translations of the Sumerian cuneiform writing on clay tablets found in the area now called Iraq that predates the bible. In fact, he uses side by side comparisons between the Bible's old testament and his translations
of the Sumerian tablets to show how the tablets information were used to create the bible narrative in Genesis. His insight to our real history is fascinating and well worth the read. The informations parallels much of what is discussed on this site. Always helpful to be able to compare different sources.I had to order my copy through Amazon UK since the book is not available here in the states.

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Re: Eden

Post by Djchrismac » Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:53 pm

Thanks for the heads up mongo, I like it already as he has the following file on his website - http://www.antonparks.com/dossiers/Anto ... s_2006.pdf

I had just finished The Secret Commonwealth (1691) by Robert Kirk today, perfect timing, cheers! :D

I'll try and pick up the book from a local shop and if not will just order it online.

In a similar vein, while searching for you're Eden book by Parks, I found this and have had a quick read through some of the sections of the website and again it matches a lot of daniel's papers, missing out some details but discussing the Sidhe, Giants, Dinosaurs and man, the Neanderthal/Sasquatch connection and much more, also worth checking out to see if there are any hidden gems in there as he has looked to mythology and folklore for answers although he reckons Nibiru was a spaceship and not the moon, but he's close on a lot of other points:

Myths are actually the most precious records of the lost ages.
I think i'll read some more of his website then send him a link to RS2 and the daniel papers, I think he'll appreciate the correlation and hopefully it will fill in some gaps in his knowledge but he seems to be doing a decent job of finding some natural consequences on his own from what i've read so far...
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