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Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:26 am
by DSKlausler
I'm currently rehabbing a reconstructed finger, and a modified spine.

I do watch a lot of movies (mostly crapolla), but maybe a few more these days as I manipulate my wooden dowel of a finger, and stretch out my tired low back.

Anyway, as you may have read from me before, I backpack - in the actual wilderness.

Viewed a movie for the SECOND time yesterday... Wind River.

It happens to be set in the Wind River Indian Reservation, adjacent to Lander, WY - and the Wind River Range. Mostly barren and desolate in the arid lowlands, but teeming with life, on the fringe and up the slopes. Untouched in many areas where I have hiked. The town is decent, tourism, but real artsy-fartsy too; the Rez is what I have always pictured in my mind - poverty, booze, junk, disrespect, forgotten culture... and now drugs and casinos. If you drive in deeper, you see the sell-out to the various big "mining" companies - a wasteland.

So, the movie is harsh in its reality - the characters, the mood, the environment. Filmed well, acted well, and the story told well.

You know the "Academy" is totally corrupt when a movie of this caliber garners exactly ZERO recognition.

Yes, I purposely didn't say much about the story; watch it.