A Ray Mears Tangent - Gods, Myths, Picts & the Flood

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A Ray Mears Tangent - Gods, Myths, Picts & the Flood

Post by Djchrismac » Thu May 10, 2018 6:58 pm

While replying to another post and thinking about the gods, Ray Mears and his Bushcraft TV programme (you never know when those skills will come in handy!) is on in the background, he's in the Amazon and starts talking about the Tepui Mountains, their mythology of the gods and how they are the local Mount Olympus, great timing!

It's a very enjoyable watch and available below:

(start at 27m9s for the Tepui and Pemon segment, it's worth watching from there to the end)

Ray even talks of feeling the energy from the creators while viewing some ancient rock art, I love how he's so in tune with the landscape and will often spend time sitting in silent contemplation at a view or place, refreshing TV.

Meanwhile in the Amazon is another culture from around the globe that associates mountains as homes of the gods, not only that but the rest of their mythology should be fairly familiar to you all... :D

http://venezuelanindian.blogspot.co.uk/ ... falls.html

Pemon: The Legend of Makunaima
http://venezuelanindian.blogspot.co.uk/ ... naima.html

Pemon: The Tree of Life
http://venezuelanindian.blogspot.co.uk/ ... -life.html

Pemon: The Great Flood and Creation of Roraima
http://venezuelanindian.blogspot.co.uk/ ... on-of.html
The trunk went really soft and the axe went so far into the Wazacá tree that it opened an enormous gash that left it held together only by a sliver at one end, because with those words Ma'nápe had invoked the wood of the papaya tree, which is extremely soft.

Meanwhile, all the brothers had arrived at the spot where Ma'nápe and Akuli were fighting to achieve their contrary wishes. Just at the moment when it looked like Ma'nápe was going to get his wish, there was a furious shout that was heard above all the sounds of the jungle:
- Waina-yeg!

It was Anzikilán, who had run all the way to save the tree of life.
And with his spell, the Wazacá tree suddenly became very hard again because Anzikilán had invoked the wood of the Waina tree, which grows in the highest mountains and whose trunk is as hard as the rocks that form the Euteurimá Waterfall.

The axe was stopped, it could not advance further, but Ma'nápe, blinded by his obsession and without giving up, shouted out again with all his strength:
- Elupa-yeg, palulu-yeg!

And the tree of life, which had its trunk opened up like a huge, deep cavern, was rapidly torn asunder and crashed to the earth, its wide branches thrown out to the winds; its high crown laden with fruit, shaking, its powerful roots, creaking.

In its fall, the Wazacá tree threw up stones and mud, plants, bushes and lianas, and pushed over the trees Élu'yeg and Yaluwazáluima'yeg, forming the mountains called by those names today.

And from its immense trunk, roots and branches was formed the great mountain Roraima, which rises like a giant from the savannah and silently watches as time, suns, moons and people pass by.
It's very interesting reading the flood myth above especially when the Wazacá Tree is felled and creates the flood as it made me think of the "spectacles" which feature on a good few ancient pictish stones like the Elgin Stone and Golspie Stone, which Comyns Beaumont reckons symbolises a twin comet (or meteors) heading our way on a collision course, with the people and animals also on the stones not picturing a hunting party but everything running away from the disaster, makes a lot of sense, plus... the moon is upside down in them too!

Elgin Stone

Golspie Stone

Dunnichen Stone

Drosten Stone

Serpents and dragons are also associated with comets

Dyce Symbol Stone

Hilton of Cadboll stone

Rodney Pictish Stone, Elgin (two Anunnaki brothers fighting, dragon comets or both?)

Combining this with the Pemon flood myth above makes me think that we have a correlation and one comet split and became two, hence the "Spectacles" and tree being split into two, just before impact. I can imagine this would create quite an impression those who survived as seen on the stones above! Subsequently the "myth" was carried on by oral and carving traditions, luckily the church hasn't destroyed all of the clues but I despair at the thought of what we have already lost in the cover up of the truth.

Not only that, also encoded in the stones is the resetting of the zodiac (adjustment of the sothic cycle), as post-cataclysm/expansion/deluge the planet tilted on it's axis and we got 5 extra days added to the solar year, so this is why Aries became Zodiac character number one and is also symbolised on many stones, the deluge happened in spring!

This conclusion was reached by decoding the Golspie Stone and comparing to the other Pictish stones, lots of Roman and other literary sources, investigating the astronomy references and Beaumont touched brielfly on the astrology too. in summary...
When the sun rose in conjunction with the star Alpha Ceti, the guide then visible on the equatorial horizon, a new star arose in the east, was apparent when the sun passed through Aquarius and struck the awful blow in Orion, or during the heliacal rising of Sirius.
The sign Aries, proclaimed the "Star Signal" of Hermes/Thoth/Ammon, was, as we know, the sign selected by the ancient astronomers to mark the perios of the Vernal Equinox immediately after the flood, when Cetus (or Set) had been destroyed.
Old Indian and Sanskrit zodiacs "in which it is said that the world was renewed after the Deluge when the Sun rose in the first degree of Aries, Regulus (Leo) being in the colure of the solstices".

After mentioning the Book of Enoch and other sources, supporting evidence that the calendar was reconstructed after the Flood, in Britain (hmm, we have a town called Callander?) is the alignment of some of our great stone Circles such as at Keswick and Stonehenge.

May 6 and November 6 mark the actual positions of the antediluvian Vernal and Autumn Equinoxes and "experts" reckon that alignments of stone circles indicating May - November shows an agricultural year as an explanation of marks and alignments indicating the old dates, however the evidence and decoding of the stones show that with the sudden shidting of the earth's orbit and axis it must have become apparent to the astronomers how essential it was to readjust the orientation of their temples to check the movements of the Sun, Moon and Sirius.
New measurements had to be adopted to meet fresh circumstances and to place corrected sighting stones to accord with the new position of the Equinoxes and Solstices. This they duly performed. They (the stone circles) are correct to the present orientation. But the former Equinoctial dates were of no further use and they remain at Keswick as witness of this. At Stonehenge the ancient horseshoe stones of great sacredness were religiously preserved in situ. Such seems to be a resonable explanation of the May-November year.
So, astrologers of Antiquatis will not only be interested in this but it's also another mystery solved that mainstream academics will forever struggle with due to a reluctance to even ponder any version of history that isn't in their textbooks, or see the clues that are in the stone circles and stelae.

If all this wasn't enough, a 30 day month, 12 months and 360 day year (also the basis of 360 elsewhere) became 365 days in the year, go back 5 days from May the 6th and you have May Day, celebrating Beltane...

Rituals were performed to protect the cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Special bonfires were kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. The people and their cattle would walk around the bonfire or between two bonfires, and sometimes leap over the flames or embers. All household fires would be doused and then re-lit from the Beltane bonfire. These gatherings would be accompanied by a feast, and some of the food and drink would be offered to the aos sí. Doors, windows, byres and the cattle themselves would be decorated with yellow May flowers, perhaps because they evoked fire.
I wonder what they are really celebrating/remembering/mourning... think back to the rain and fire of the great catastrophe at this time of year back in pre-history when the calendar was reset and it falls into place nicely! :D
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Re: A Ray Mears Tangent - Gods, Myths, Picts & the Flood

Post by DSKlausler » Fri May 11, 2018 4:22 am

Thanks; more info into the big story.
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Re: A Ray Mears Tangent - Gods, Myths, Picts & the Flood

Post by LoneBear » Sat May 12, 2018 6:57 pm

Djchrismac wrote:
Thu May 10, 2018 6:58 pm
plus... the moon is upside down
Have you considered the possibility that the horizontal cresent ISN'T the moon... but the Earth, from orbit?
Apollo 11 crescent Earth
The pair of "comets" may then be something in near orbit above the Earth. Curious symbols, though... that glyph occurs all over the ancient world, they are always two, connected circles with a backwards Z slashing through them. Wondering about that a bit... in cultures where months (moon-ths) are used, as occur in many occult systems, it may represent a duration of time, as described in the gallery graves of Mougau-Bihan:
http://barry.warmkessel.com/2345BC.html wrote:In the literature such bosses are interpreted as "breasts" in a culture supposedly based on a Mother-goddess.6,7 However, this suggestion is wrong. It appears these are astronomic petrogyphs. Each boss represents the full Moon, but also the time period between two full Moons, which is the so-called Synodical Month, lasting 29.5 days. So, a pair of bosses is a Double-Month, lasting 2x29.5= 59 days. Note, that both carvings suggest there were "two different time periods of equal length" during the Catastrophe. Note also, that the Comet glyph on Stone R2 consists of a wide part and a narrow part, again, of about equal length.

The bigger Double-Moon carving suggests, that the Earth passed through the tail of the Comet during a time period of two months. It resulted in huge forest fires because of falling rocks, and in tremendous floodings because of torrential rains. There is a vast amount of literature about these fires and flooding.11-21 This time period was the worst. The carving is repeated on the entrance Stone L1 (fig.1). The two Stones L1 and L2 on the groundplan appear to confirm these first two months (figs.3).
But as two, "double months," we are actually talking about 4 months. Biblical accounts say the Deluge lasted 4-5 months (depending on where you start counting).
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