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The paradoxical theory of change

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:03 am
by New2RS2
The paradoxical theory of change states that the first step toward changing anything is to allow it to be whatever it is - self, world, etc. In the context of Larson's theory, this makes sense to me in the following way:
many of the ad hoc theories of modern science are efforts to force the world to conform to a pre-existing idea, or to fit into an already existing framework (paradigm) that has become obsolete. The paradoxical theory of change asserts that this leads only to frustration, stagnation, and impasse, where forward progress becomes impossible. The strength of the effort to force things to fit is, in itself, a measure of the degree of 'crisis' that actually exists (whether perceived directly or not).

In contrast, I believe that Larson has provided a more or less adequate description (with RS2 updates) of how the world actually is, and how it actually behaves. If so, then there can be no progress in science (other than an illusory one) until the world is allowed to be what it is, and to behave as it behaves, independently of how we would like or expect it to be or behave. At some point, the 'discovery' of what Larson has articulated is the first step toward a meaningful change in the sciences. In the meantime, one significant by-product of our impasse, is our increasing sense of alienation from the natural world (the 'suchness' of things, as the Chinese might say). It may well be that we collectively 'sense' the problem in its nascent form, and the crisis we are in manifests largely in terms of emotional factors and psychic complexes, where all attempts to articulate our experiences in a rational dialogue are frustrated. It is, typically, the artist who senses the undercurrents of the crisis and who generates the new forms that will emerge into dialogical form later. The artist, typically, struggles to describe the world as it is, hence the themes of alienation that are prevalent in modern art.

I have found the video below to be quite perceptive in this regard, especially as concerns the ways in which individuals must encounter the many challenges of living in a world from which they are feeling alienated.