Social Memory Complexes

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Social Memory Complexes

Post by LoneBear » Sat Aug 21, 2004 11:15 pm

The Social Memory Complex (SMC) is, in essence, a 4th density application of planetary consciousness. Before delving into the SMC, perhaps we should examine its predecessors in the lower densities:

1st Density (inanimate realm) has one primary aggregation function that brings things together to work in unison--gravity. One could argue that electricity and magnetism could also apply, but they don't apply to everything -- valences of atoms require specific valences to match; magnetism is ineffective against non-magnetic materials. But the one constant that can bring everything together is gravity. In the inanimate realm of the 1st density, gravity is the building block of larger, more complex structures that move on into the 2nd density.

2nd density (biological realm) brings the concept of "mind" in conjunction with "body". The aggregating function here is therefore of the new component, "mind", and commonly known as the "group mind" or "group consciousness". Both plants and the lower animals respond to the group mind, which we term "instincts" and collective behavior, such as in ant colonies, schools of fish and bees. Information is shared between individuals within the group mind, but there is little to no independent thought; drones are drones, queens are queens, without room for advancement. It gets its strength from the fact that no one individual in any more important than any other, and therefore if something happens to one, the group mind, as a whole, is uneffected. This allows the group mind to survive, even in the toughest circumstances.

Star Trek applied this group mind concept to their biggest enemy--the Borg. And why not be "assimilated"? Life is easier, for you don't have to think for yourself, and all your needs are taken care of. So why are they the enemy...?

3rd density (upper animals/humans) introduces the concept of "spirit" to the 2nd density mind/body complex, which causes the members of the group mind to enter a process known as "individuation"--separation from the group into self-sufficient units. Self-sufficiency, however, is not an easy thing to do alone, so the aggregation function in the 3rd density becomes the "society" -- a group of individuals working together towards common goals of survival; the basic form of society being the "tribe." We can now understand why the Borg are a threat -- group mind versus individuals in society -- exactly what Star Trek Voyager played upon with the character, "7 of 9."

Society has the benefit of not having to do everything by yourself, and from it, we derive the basic Constitutions where specific duties are passed on to others for execution, and in theory, each individual in the society does what they do best, for the benefit of all. However, in large, complex societies it seldom works that way.

When the 4th density influence beings to operate upon 3rd density beings, the effects of the Social Memory Complex are felt, which manifest as certain "extra-sensory" abilities such as telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, and precognition, which result in a lot of "synchronicity" (highly improbably coincidences that happening frequently).

4th density (ethical man) introduces the concept of "love", but it is not the love people are familiar with in the common understandings of eros, logos and agapé. It is the name of another aggregating function -- the function that forms the Social Memory Complex.

The Social Memory Complex is a lot like Star Wars concept of "The Force", but more localized to a specific environment. Each planet has a Social Memory Complex in which all its inhabitants are members. It differs from the group mind of the Borg because each member retains their individuality and personality. It differs from society because it exists outside of the realm of survival--the members are all self-sufficient by themselves. This leaves the Social Memory Complex free to pursue higher ideals... to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no SMC has gone before.

Because the Social Memory Complex encompasses all life (but only upper 3rd density can become conscious of its existence), and is timeless, it becomes an Archive of Information on the planet--a record of thoughts, ideas, past lives, future lives and interactions. The closest modern analogy is the World-Wide Web (WWW or the Internet), where each "person" is their own home page, containing all their knowledge, skills and talents, which can be access and utilized by member of the Social Memory Complex. And because it is timeless... it also contains a complete historical record of what went on since its beginning.

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