666: The Old World Order

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666: The Old World Order

Post by LoneBear » Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:24 am

I've been doing some research on the origins of "six hundred, three score and six" (666) based on Roman gematria, since the reference is from the Christian Bible, which was strongly influenced by Flavius Josephus. I found some interesting things, such a "score" (20) was commonly used by Romans leaders. ("Four score and seven years ago...")

People associate 666 with the "mark of the beast" (Revelation 13:15–18), whereas the number of man is 555. Much of Roman law came from Babylon, which came from Sumer, which was the base of the Annuna, the classic gods. Tracking it back to Sumerian origins clarified quite a bit.

First, let's fix some misunderstandings. The number of man is 555--the Sumerian reference to adamu (Adam), which actually translates to "beast of burden"--which is what mankind was created by the gods to be. So 555 is the "beast."

After mankind started rapidly populating the Earth, their numbers became too great for the gods to directly influence, even with their technology. So some bureaucratic middlemen were needed as a go-between, to issue orders from the gods to their beasts and enforce that those orders were carried out. Mankind, himself, was genetically engineered to be less intelligent than the gods, so the average man could not fulfill that role--a more intelligent race was needed, but had to be acceptable in appearance and attitude to both man and god.

So the gods took some of the more intelligent man-beasts and added some genetic coding from themselves, so they would be mostly human but part god--with increased intelligence and under the influence of the Annuna archetypes. This new race of man was given a superior number, 666, to indicate their superiority over the beast--because they had the imprinting of the gods within them--leaving their "mark" on the beast.

When you look at the origin of the "mark of the beast," it is from the classic Greek, charagma, which actually means an "imprinting" or "branding." Most Christians and conspiracy types interpret "mark" as some physical indication, like a tattooed social security number on the forehead. But what it appears to be is that the "mark" is some genetic code from the gods, placed in man's DNA, to make them a go-between of bureaucrats and enforcers. Not a "mark OF the beast," but a "mark ON the beast."

So 666 became the symbol of the humans that enforced the will of the gods on the human beasts of burden, which I will call the OWO--the Old World Order. And that is what is missed in conspiracy theory--666 is NOT the NWO--New World Order. The OWO set out to achieve a set of goals--and completed them. It is now time for the next stage of their plans, which requires a NEW world order. If they follow a similar pattern, the New World order that controls humanity will be 777. Ever notice how predominant the use of "7" is in the New Age, which was supposed to usher in a new order of understanding?

Since America was the final part of the OWO's plan, I took a quick look at American history, symbolized by its most abundant symbol: the dollar bill. From the work of Bill Cooper, the OWO was officially founded in 1110 AD, when the first Crusades started. The USA was founded in 1776--or as the Romans put it, MDCCLXXVI. Nine letters, 3x3, and if placed on "threefolding" triangles, you get:
1776: 666
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The New World Order "Game"

Post by deepfsh » Tue Jun 07, 2016 4:27 pm

A 1996 computer game which "tends to favour realism due to its coordination with former CIA director William Colby and former KGB Major-General Oleg Kalugin who also appear in the game as themselves".[1] The game was released on 02/29/96 (2 + 2 + 9 = 13) and Colby "died" on 04/27/96 (4 + 2 + 7 = 13) at age 76 (7 + 6 = 13). The time difference between the release of the game and his supposed death is 58 days (5 + 8 = 13).[2]
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Danger and deception? The "great game"? Like "the greatest story ever told" (Jesus)?[3]
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