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Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:11 am
by Gopi
This indeed is a topic that seems to avoid detection in the glare of technology, but it appears that we have accumulated a LOT of lethargy in the past century. Just reading the biographies of people from the 19th century is an eye-opener - they got so much done!There was even a joke going around facebook, that if India had to fight the British today, folks would have created a facebook topic or a forum post about "Independence from Britain" and then discussed shared, and "liked" it to "spread awareness", followed by a marathon as a fundraiser for "Independence activities". This situation seems to be tied up in modern life quite well.

From what I have been discussing with a friend I made on my recent trip, several things have come to light.

One, the advent of machines made it such that our physical will power was much less involved in the world... a long day's work is replaced by a press of a button. Of course, some may call that "advancement", but basically if that will-capacity is not developed in us, what it actually means is a transfer of will power to the machine. Machines develop at the cost of human capacity. Even all renewable energy machines act like filters of prana: turbines and solar panels simply suck out the life from water, air and light.

Two, electricity is the door to will power. So when you want to move, electrical signals become active in your body, or if you stick a metal knife into an electrical point, the will of the electricity overrides you. One consequence of plugging our human evolution into electricity has been - on a collective level - the same as sticking your finger into the electric socket: our will has gotten overridden. That is one of the main causes of lethargy.


Three, since the electrical network has now been the carrier of information via the internet, the will present in thought has been outsourced. I did my best to tackle this topic in the article attached below, but my friend also confirmed it: the will in thought, which means the will needed to meditate, and control thoughts, or even feelings for that matter, is getting siphoned off. Which means another crucial element disappears: creativity. After all, individual will, when it penetrates our thought activity, or even our feelings, is the source of creativity, since it requires a will to create.

Four, now that the electric network is penetrating wirelessly, the will power is being sapped all the time. Even a minor movement one makes is still being affected, which means with greater wifi and longer ranges it is going to penetrate more and more right down into the nerves and muscles. This means being buried in a sea of wifi is equivalent to being stuck in a swamp, as far as our cosmic side is concerned. I hear that Steiner had set a group of people the task of preparing Peat fibers properly to generate clothing from it, which when done right, will gain the gratitude of the elementals and protect us from the upcoming electromagnetic nightmare. Like many other things, that also fell by the wayside, after getting us far as making a handkerchief. And since today we normally can't see it... hey, invisible chains are the best form of slavery right? Thought, word and deed are pretty much will-less for most people now, which explains the rise of the zombies.

So, what does this mean? It is basically a massive challenge... it is equivalent, on an individual level, of generating sufficient will power inside ourselves to give us the strength to internally unplug the finger from the socket. Running away from technology is not an option (even if an occasional trip into the woods is still thankfully available), because this technological penetration will move forward like a juggernaut and will not stop till every inch of the earth is more or less covered in the sea of EM energy. But there IS a way of disentangling our thoughts, and to reorient our will within ourselves. It takes practice in taking initiatives, every single day and do something one has set out to do, whether it is action, thought, or even simply finishing a book. And it takes some effort to learn about these influences to consciously offset them at every step. Even these insane forces cannot override the basic laws of the human capacities... free will is still paramount. But it is getting harder to keep that in focus, and demands more from people... conscious evolution was never supposed to be easy!

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Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:19 am
by Ilkka
Today I had to use creativity inorder to get damaged glass cork off of this glass bottle in my workplace. It happened when I accidentally dropped one bottle off of this trolley where all the sample bottles were. So only the glass cork got chipped abit, but got stuck into the bottle and I tried carefully to screw it open but didn't have enough strength to give it a good twist, so I kept emptying other bottles and I thought about some safety gloves or paper as shielding to get that damaged cork off. Then after I finished with other bottles I checked the vicinity of different things and saw a pair of scissors and tried em, worked like charm on that cork. Before all that "uncorking" this collegue an older woman tried her tricks on it, but didn't got it open. She tried to use warmth and cold, expansion and contration to get it open. I thought about it too.

I dont particularly like working there for some reason though. Maybe because I have gotten so used to sit on my arse that its grown on me too much and there is no going back, because I dont like to work anywhere. Well maybe if the hours were less than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I think maybe 6 hours a day, 5 days a week would do more nicely. Need to go to the place which takes about 20 mins one way. So its like 40 mins plus 8 hours. And the fact that I dont get proper pay from it, only welfare, plus 9 € a weekday for doing the job there. That takes away the enthusiasm a bit too. Only positive thing I get from there is the experience into my resume.

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Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:20 pm
by LoneBear
This would make a really good Sanctuary Project video... people suspect most of this (how electronics sap off life) but don't have the details--and Gopi does. Convert the static images in the write-up to animations, perhaps include some interview clips or scenes from Sci-Fi shows that make pertinent points, narration... could catch some attention. Looking at the text, it would be about 30 minutes in length.

Perhaps the Sanctuary project folks can start working on a script and getting suggestions for clips (so it won't just be a slideshow). I have Vegas Pro 12 video editing software, so I can assemble it. And there's enough music people here to come up with some appropriate background for emotional emphasis. Anyone have animation software?