Pure Empirical Research Using Nature's Gifts To Improve Human Function

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Pure Empirical Research Using Nature's Gifts To Improve Human Function

Post by BioHacker » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:05 pm

Hello. Longtime lurker. Love the site. I finally registered. Though, with a scientific background, I still cannot grasp RS theory. I intuit the truth in it and appreciate its simplistic foundation that elegantly describes reality. That being said, this thread isn't about that. it's about my experience using natural foods and supplements in order to boost performance as a human in mind, body and spirit. I would just like the share the knowledge I gained in that it might help others.

That being said. A little background. I was always athletic and intelligent. I excelled in various sports throughout my youth, highschool and college. Academically I was always in honors classes and got my MS in computer science at what was ranked a top ten school in the nation for computer science the year I got my BS in comp sci in the early 90s. I've had a successful career as an application developer ever since. Usually the one doing most of the work and helping the other developers.

I am not trying to build my ego in this post, it is pertinent to the point I will try to make. Even though I excelled both athletically and academically I always ate garbage and didn't worry at all about healthy living. I lived off of fastfood and partied way too much in my 20s. Way way too much my early 30s. By the time I was 36 I was out of shape and unhealthy due to continuing to have a poor diet and not exercising. I decided to start getting back in shape again and I got in relatively ok shape again by the time I turned 37.

Then one day around 1 am in the morning bar hopping with two other friends, one pulled out a baggie of what looked like grass. I saw him put a few blades of it in his mouth and chew it up. I asked him what it was. He told me wheatgrass. So i tried it myself and noticed it instantly gave me energy. Not like caffeine. Almost like pure lifeforce energy. I instantly decided I was going to start growing it myself.

I bought a wheatgrowing kit from a popular internet site and started growing my own wheatgrass. After about 10 days my first batch was ready. Instead of just eating it, I bought a juicer and had my first shot of wheatgrass. WOW! It was like chewing the blades but an order of magnitude more powerful in its effects. After one shot of it I was hooked. I continued to grow it. And it finally dawned on me, it DOES make a difference what you put in your body. For then until the present (almost 5 years later) I have totally transformed myself by being careful about what I put in my body.

Fresh organic smoothies, fresh wheatgrass shots, iodine supplementation, skate liver oil, high quality reishi mushroom powder, cold pressed whey, etc. These things have transformed my life. I will go into more detail about the specifics of all of this later.

The point is this. I excelled all my life and through most of my prime. But I never felt as alive, clear minded and energetic as I do now. If I had only known then what I know now. In my early 40s I could have outperformed my 25 year old self in all aspects.
Now here is where it gets interesting. Last year I had a tripped planned to the caribbean with a few friends. I was in excellent shape but wanted to cut a little bit of the belly fat I still had. So I kept up with my health regimen, but in addition cut all alcohol, wheat and sugar from my diet. I also upped my exercise regimen from doing cardio and weightlifting from averaging 2-3 times a week to 3-5 times a week.

After making these changes I noticed I almost had too much energy. After about of month of eating/exercising so strictly I literally began to become psychic. You could say I was very clairvoyant. I could sense the exact mental state of others around me. I couldn't tell you exactly what they were thinking, but I could feel what they were feeling to such a degree in such detail I could make a pretty good guess at what it was they were thinking. It was surreal. If I walked in a grocery store for example I started picking up on everyone around me. I had to start making an effort to block it out because so many people are walking around in such a negative mindset that it would make me feel terrible. I would basically feel what they were feeling. Also I started seeing orbs and shadows around my house. And a few times I would see ghosts just like they were people. Actually when I went on the vacation to the caribbean I was at a bar with a friend and saw a ghost sitting alone at one of the tables. He looked like your classic pirate from the 1600s. In fact I thought it was just a man in character. I asked my friend, why is that guy in the pirate costume staring at us? He was glaring at us and looked agitated. However my friend could not see him. He kept staring at us with an angry look to the point where I got uncomfortable. I got my friend leave with me because I had had enough of the mean ghost. We walked out and he started following us down the street! At this point I got a little concerned. He followed us for about a half a block away from the bar and then simply disappeared.

Another symptom that occurred while I was on this strict diet was now in hindsight after internet research I can guess was the beginning of a kundalini event. This happened twice before the vacation. I was sitting there watching TV and out of nowhere I felt a huge surge of energy at the base of my spine by the small of my back. Both times it only lasted a few minutes, but I could feel it start to rise up my spine. It actually felt good in a way, but it was so energetic it scared the crap out of me. So I did everything I could to get the sensation to stop, as in getting off the couch, moving around, willing with my mind for it to stop. It did stop both times, but I think now if I would have relaxed the energy would have gone all the way up my spine and the who knows what would have happened.

So I guess the moral of the story is. If you treat your body right you will unlock your true potential. I wonder now, what does it mean to be human. Most of us are exposed to chemical, EM and societal pollution everyday. I think this keeps our body's resources busy counteracting all of this negative feedback from what we ingest and our environment. However I think if you eliminate a lot of this and eat nutrient dense/lifeforce providing food, your body now has extra energy and tools that awaken other abilities.

I wonder what would happen if it was normal for everyone to flourish. I haven't been that strict with my diet and exercise since last year. However I begun again to get back on track with it all the last week just to see what will happen. I am already beginning the changes occur again after 1 week. I plan to take it as far as it will go this time and see where I end up.

Later in future post, if there is interest, I will share with you specific details and exactly what combinations of nutrients/food/supplements I have taken that has really helped me. A lot of it was trial and error, hence the word 'empirical' in the title.

In rapport,

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Re: Pure Empirical Research Using Nature's Gifts To Improve Human Function

Post by LoneBear » Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:56 am

BioHacker wrote:Hello. Longtime lurker. Love the site. I finally registered. Though, with a scientific background, I still cannot grasp RS theory.
Welcome, BioHacker. From a lot of personal experience, it's probably that scientific background that prevents you from grasping the RS! Our system of education loads you with bad assumptions that you don't even realize you have. What I found was that it is more of an "unlearning" than "learning" when it comes to the RS.

I can vouch for the benefits of wheatgrass--it is a major detox system. But it also tends to be dependent upon body type, blood type and how much toxin you have stored in fat cells. (That can be a real issue, as you can overload the liver and kidneys.)

Glad to hear you've got your act together. A lot more research needs to be done in the nutrition area--it is surprising to find that most "healthy diets" as billed by nutrition companies aren't very nutritious, at all.
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Re: Pure Empirical Research Using Nature's Gifts To Improve Human Function

Post by joeyv23 » Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:54 pm

BioHacker wrote:Later in future post, if there is interest, I will share with you specific details and exactly what combinations of nutrients/food/supplements I have taken that has really helped me.
There is interest. In the past 3 months since moving out to Salt Lake City, after 13 years of abuse, I've started taking better care of my body. I'm in the gym now 3-5 times a week and have changed my eating habits drastically. Right now I'm basically on what I would consider an athlete's diet: meats, vegetables, and fruits. I've cut sugar out completely. I avoid flour based foods now too as well as white potatoes. Both of these have been difficult for me since I grew up with bread and potatoes as a staple food source so it's more of a psychological shift than anything. I'm curious to hear more about your knowledge base in this area. It's the next big step for me and I've got my best foot forward I just want to make sure there's firm ground ahead where I land the step.
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Re: Pure Empirical Research Using Nature's Gifts To Improve Human Function

Post by mongo » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:29 am

Definite interest. After 20 years of blood pressure pills etc., I went to a natural doctor in Sept. of 2013.
After the initial blood test, I found out I was diabetic. ALC of 7.2
I was still producing insulin, so it was reversible. I immediately cut out sugars and starches. bought a juicer. For breakfast I juice 2 stalks of celery, 1/2 medium sized cucumber, 1 small beet, 1/4'' ginger, 2 apples, and had 2 eggs cooked on the side. lunch was avocado, tomato, and cheese, or mexican food w/o rice and flour tortillas. Dinner was meat and vegetables, or salad. no eating after 8pm. this worked for me, even though I would cheat a bit. love dark chocolate. and corn chips to have something crunchy. But I lost 45lbs. and my ALC is 6.1. And I can vouch for better energy.

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