4/17/2005 Q'uo replies to Ranger Questions

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4/17/2005 Q'uo replies to Ranger Questions

Post by LoneBear » Fri Apr 22, 2005 7:57 am

V: Thank you, Q’uo. We do have three queries from the Rangers. The first of them is: “What is the nature of that pairing between two beings who find in each other that love and wisdom that connects them ‘not for a day, a week, or even a year, but for all eternity’?”
Note 1 wrote:This phrase is a quote from an answer to a previous question to Q’uo in the session dated 3-20-2005 about finding a loving companion. The complete thought was, “And how shall you prepare to walk side-by-side with an entity that speaks to your deepest heart and that satisfies you, not for a day or for a week but for all of eternity?”
We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. May we say that the nature of the energy betwixt two entities which have penetrated the veil of forgetting and have become able to experience each other as true beings, shall we say, as souls, is that energy which we would call selfhood. It is an awareness of unity. It normally comes wrapped in some clothing and that clothing tends to be partially that of sexuality and partially that of personality. The heart of a connection between two entities that have been able to form a bond that is eternal, however, is one of unity.

It is interesting to view the ways in which entities within third-density consensus-reality are able to penetrate the masks or the costumes, shall we say, of appearance, personality, and sexuality. Very often, it is the trigger of a sexual attraction or the attraction of intellect for intellect, or goodness for goodness, shall we say, heart for heart, that will trigger the opening of the space in which two entities may begin to create a unity between them.

When entities attempt to move from sexuality, shall we say, from the red-ray attraction, into a soul-to-soul relationship, there are boundaries which appear impossible to cross. For, sexual relationships are based upon a self and an other-self and the connection between. When that dynamic remains as a central motif in a relationship, in its own way it delimits and describes the circumference of that particular relationship. And many are the couples that have been drawn together sexually and that express the chemical attraction of the polarity between those two entities for some time before finally discovering the country that lies beyond polarity.

Similarly, many triggered bondings have to do with the nature of the orange-ray chakra, shall we say, the chakra that has to do with subtler aspects of interpersonal relationships. And again, until the dynamics betwixt the personalities have to some extent been explored and released, the very thing that brought two entities together becomes that which limits that relationship.

And so it is as entities move upwards through the dimensions of relationship, exploring the aspects of relationship which have to do with becoming a family and then exploring the aspects of relationship which have to do with opening the heart to each other’s humanness. There is almost always a delimiting factor involved in this opening of the heart. It would seem, once an entity has climbed up through the first three concerns of relationship into the open heart, that the way would be free and clear. And yet this is not so. When one at last enters that sacred precinct of the open heart and one rests together in that place of clear light, one views in the other the beginnings of great knowledge. And with this great knowledge comes a great price. That price is the shadow of all that is true about one. When one is heart to heart, when at last [one] is exposed and the humanness of the self is undefended, not simply from the other self, for the other-self is ready to love unconditionally, that other self becomes a mirror which then reflects back to you, for the first time so that you can see it yourself, the picture of your own shadow.

It is a great knowledge and you are as naked as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, standing before the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Are you good? Are you evil? No. You are human: you are all that is. This is a great crux in the development of an eternal friendship, shall we say. If you shrink from the mirror of your shadow in the open heart, you then are forced back, past the lions at the gate, out into those lesser fields, plains, and meadows of the one infinite Creator in which play the dynamics of personality.

Once you have faced yourself squarely in the mirror of the other, sitting together in the lap of the Creator, surrounded with arms of love, tickled by the beard of the Almighty, blessed upon the breast of the Mother, loved at last for all that you are, then at last you are free to begin what is sometimes a lengthy process but a joyful one. And that is the moving on from the open heart to the articulated heart. That is what this entity would describe as the energy of the blue ray or the throat chakra. Once you have begun the process of open communication with another, you find that miraculously that which used to divide you now begins to unite you. You find that the truth which seemed before to beat you down and to make you feel less now blesses and redeems and heals and clears the way for you to be.

Let us take a moment and look at that verb, to be. It is so underappreciated among your peoples! At yet this is what you came to do. You came to do something that has no doing to it, for being is more than anything else a matter of allowing yourself not to act but to express as an essence beyond thought, beyond deeds. What is the scent of a flower? What value can you say it has? It is beyond words. Can you see that? And can you see that the bouquet of your being is the most precious gift that you will ever have to give? It is your gift to the other, to the creation, and to the Creator. And what but the forces of great love can give you permission within third-density beingness to explore that essence of self?

So we would say that the nature of the quality of companionship that lasts not for a day or for a month or for a year but for eternity is that quality which has been formed in the fire of moving through tremendous amounts of dynamics: sexual, sensual, physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and finally into the area of the spiritual, into the area where two hearts can touch and become one, not because they are the same but because they are sparks of the same fire that are sharing with each other the incredible gift of their unique essence so that each is teaching each, each is healing each, and each fulfills the larger desire of each to become a flame of spirit.

Is there another query at this time?

V: Thank you Q’uo. The Rangers’ next query asks, “In the higher densities, how does sexual attraction and companionship play out?”

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. There are some limits to that which we may say about this question but in general we would say that the sexuality which is so much a part of third-density entities has all of the aspects which higher densities’ sexual energy transfers contain. However, within third density, as we have said, there is the beginning of sexual attraction that rests within the second-density physical vehicle within which you enjoy moving about the Earth at this time. The expression of sexual energy within this animalistic body is simple. It is a natural function which is uncomplicated and which calls body to body, depending upon the dynamics of sexual polarity. This instrument has often described the basic sexual attraction as chemical, and we would agree that it is a matter of the chemistry between two entities. Within third-density acculturation, the simple chemical attraction between two entities within red ray becomes overlaid with expectations and culturally oriented standards of attraction which work not according to the ways of the body but according to the ways of the mind. And you must realize that, within third density, the body is the creature of the mind. So very often there is a substantial amount of fairly shallow and inauthentic attraction concerned with sexual expression within third density.

Now within fourth density, these layers of acculturation fall away. Fourth density entities, as well as fifth- and sixth-density entities, have physical vehicles of a type. Each higher density’s physical vehicle is, shall we say, more refined in type yet there is a physicality to it. Consequently, the nature of the physical vehicle determines the entry level of sexual attraction. It is difficult for you, perhaps, to imagine a sexual attraction that is based on the truth of each entity as seen by each other entity. And yet we would ask you to imagine a creation in which all entities are attracted to all other entities based on the truth of their beings. Higher-density bodies are attracted to truth in the harmonics of the truth within themselves to which they have the most commonality and from which they have the most to learn. So there is still a bi-polar aspect to higher-density sex within fourth density, but it is the near pole of commonality and the far pole of a mutual desire to learn from each other the mysteries of the essence, the fragrance of the being, of each other. It is sexuality and teach/learning.

Within fourth density, the casual sexual expression is not simply common but is as much a part of courtesy as shaking hands is within your density. It is as if when entities meet, they have sex. That is the way that you would describe it within your density. The potential difference between the two entities is expressed naturally and without any shame, removal of clothing, or the exchange of bodily fluids. It is an energy exchange. The children produced of this energy exchange are those opportunities for souls who wish to learn from the two entities which exchanged energy in such a way as to make an opportunity. The bodies are more refined. Sexuality does not have those physicalities of third density. And yet there is the possibility for enormous love. And when it is seen between two entities that there is this unique potential for teaching and learning together, a mating is formed.

So you see the processes of the energy body continue to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo. And relationships continue to be refined through the interactions of two entities who have joined together. Yet, the work is subtler and deeper and, in its own way, narrower. We who speak are those of fifth density and we carry the energies and the information of those within fourth density and within sixth density. In each density of those three, the physical bodies become more refined and in sixth density the bodies are what you would call photons. You are moving from heavy chemical bodies to lighter energy bodies to bodies of a certain type of light to bodies of limitless light, shall we say. This is very inexact and while we apologize for the inexactness, we can only express that there is information that would infringe upon your free will involved in attempting to explain to a more precise degree the evolution of mind, body, and spirit.

We would ask in general that you simply consider the direction to be that of the refinement of the energy exchange between two entities. Your entity-ness shall not change. You shall continue to be you. As you form relationships within higher densities, your opportunities for learning and service shall be lifted and refined. This is not a difference in kind, but only a difference in quality. You are on the track which you shall continue upon.

Of seventh density, we cannot speak, for we have not yet experienced the density that is drawn directly back into the Creator to create the next octave of experience. We stay within this heartbeat of the one infinite Creator.
Note 2 wrote:This source has often spoken of the entire octave of densities in which we are now experiencing third density as one heartbeat of the Creator.
Is there another query at this time?

V: Yes, the Rangers’ third query reads, “Of the worlds Q’uo evolved from, how did they typically enter into fourth density service? Namely, what cultures and sociological constructions did they move through on their way towards living in love?”

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my sister. We find that we are up against the full stop of the Law of Free Will when it comes to describing experiences that are common to us, experiences which would pull you into a false place where you were hoping to be like us.

We would instead say a few words about the opportunities that lie before you at this time. For you are those with third-density bodies and fourth density hearts – yearning with every fiber of your beings to live a fourth density life, by fourth-density values, and with fourth-density qualities. The Earth does not hold you back, for the Earth is vibrating fourth density. Your own inner nature does not hold you back, for you hold within you the energies of the universe. All of nature is willing for you to grow.

Then what holds you within the density of your choice? Certainly, you incarnated in a third-density body, but your very DNA, in every cell of your body, is waiting for you to remember who you are. And in the quality of your remembrance comes the opportunity to form new strands of fourth-density DNA. And this is happening among your peoples at this time. It is possible for you as well.

What shall you have to do to avail yourself of this remembrance? My friends, you shall have to allow the pain and the sorrow that you hold so dearly within you at this time to die; not simply to forgive it, but to allow it to fall away. Are you ready to die to this hard-won suffering that has soaked up a portion of your identity? Are you ready to be a creature of joy?

This instrument has talked about letting the sorrows and the sufferings of herself and others flow through her, but she does not do it. Oh, she is in love with suffering; she is ready to give up her life! Yet, when she can do that, then she is free within incarnation. And to some extent, little by little, she has let portions of herself fall away. She is ready not to hold on to difficult energies; here and there, now and again. And so we say to each of you, “Awake to love and joy and allow the dead self to bury itself, dust to dust, and ashes to ashes.” We speak now not of the dust of the body, which is easily seen, but the dust and the ashes of old emotion held in their imbalance as if they were treasures.

What is the crucible and the refining fire all about but the taking of dead ash and dust and the compression of it into jewels? You carry coal within you: let it become a diamond. And if the pressure is fierce, embrace it and do not be afraid of the transforming and refining.

It is a condign and just process.

Is there another query at this time?

V: Q’uo, that’s all from the Rangers.

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