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Star Wars and the Paths

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 10:50 am
by Alluvion
The Star Wars mythos has been a longstanding discussion of what one does with great intelligence/power, mostly and most easily divided into the light and dark sides of the path, taught and preserved in the Jedi/Sith cultures respectively. But in some of the literature there was the uncovering of a third path with a culture that both the Sith and Jedi ultimately rejected, the light-sided Jedi Master Yoda elaborating that it is not the work of the Jedi to exhaust the limits of the Force but instead to act as protectors within creation (paraphrased). While the Sith did not reject the unorthodoxy of this third path, the ultimate expression of Sith culture (the Rule of Two, only one Sith Master and one Sith Apprentice in the universe at one time)took precedence. This third 'path' is named the Potentium by those who walk it. In the later timeline of narrative as a whole, the Unifying Force/Potentium plays a greater role in examining power/intelligence/choice/skill.

Overtime, the mythos has elaborated into a quadration: the light side(creates), the dark side(destroys), the Unifying Force (destiny, non-polar force) and the Living Force (beings and being).

Here is a link to the Wookieepedia with compiled information on the force (taking account of all the films and as much literature/graphic novel work as possible)