Batman: the Dark Knight Rises

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Batman: the Dark Knight Rises

Post by deepfsh » Fri May 16, 2014 3:44 am

I read Ken's article about the OAS and his remark on Patrick Leahy and John Kerry (= Bush, Skull & Bones). [1][2] I watched this movie last summer when Jay Weidner mentioned it in an interview, so I got intrigued.

As with the last James Bond movie, I had a feeling that this Batman has something more to it (the snow, the tanks on the streets, the secret ways of communication among the "resistance", people being attacked in their apartments by looting criminals - all this reminded me on WWII and the situation during a civil war), so I made a post on CH about it:
"It will begin with some kind of worldwide economic disaster. Not a complete crash, but enough to allow them to introduce some kind of inbetween currency before they introduce their electronic cash to replace all paper or plastic money." (p. 11)

In mid-July, 50 institutions participated in the exercise called "Quantum Dawn 2", in which they "simulated what would happen if hackers penetrated certain systems in financial companies and agencies. If breached, infections could in theory impact the entire gamut of the sector from exchanges to brokerages to insurance companies". [1] At the end of August, after resigning from her post, Janet Napolitano warned of a "'serious' cyber-threat and devastating natural disaster". [2]

It's curious to see what Batman's opponents wanted to do before they planned to blow up Gotham back in 2012... [3] The main villain has written 'DCS' (as in USDCS) [4] at the back of his jacket with 'courier service' below. The guy with the cement truck who gets stuck near the SE building when the police shows up ends up to be one of his men lately on in the movie. One of the most interesting things in the movie is the villain's plan to destroy the bridges around the city, so the people would remain trapped in it. This reminded me of Wilcock's blog from 2011, in which he said that "top-level insiders [were] telling [them] that charges have been planted in key bridges and airstrips around the US. The Eisenhower Interstate System, from its inception, built cubbyholes into bridges where incendiary devices could be planted at all the key locations that were necessary to bring them down". He suspected that the "Mississippi River bridge collapse of August 1, 2007, was a preliminary test of this system to make sure it would work properly". [5] You can read in the article how the explosives were supposedly planted. Also, the computer guy from the clip speaks with an Arab accent (no surpirise there) and looks much like Steve Jobs to me (they obviously became much more sophisticated). So, do the PTB still have any "cards left"? [6]

[1] Big banks stage mega-cyberattack drill
[2] Departing DHS secretary warns of 'serious' cyber-threat, devastating natural disaster
[3] The dark Knight Rises - the Stock Exchange scene (2012)
[4] Defence Courier Service - transport of secure material
[5] Disclosure Imminent? Part II: Many More Bases Destroyed
[6] 1990s Illuminati Game Cards Still Creating Controversy
Other peculiarities about recent Batman movies:
- An area named "Sandy Hook" tagged as a "strike zone" during The Dark Knight Rises [3]
- Was the “Batman Shooting” a ritualistic murder carried out by mind controlled patsy? [4]
"You talk the talk ... do you walk the walk?" Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket

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