(The Others 2001)

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(The Others 2001)

Post by eyewar » Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:33 pm

Haunted places occur when you have a smaller phase difference between motion in space and motion in time. An analogy in electronics would be resistance versus reactance. Normally, they are 90-degrees out of phase, so the min/max of one is the zero of the other. Certain geometric conditions in 3D space and 3D time allow for a phase shift, reducing that phase significantly--hence you easily experience the shadows of 3D time structures in space, a haunted place.

But remember it is a 2-way street--YOU are also haunting the Cosmic sector by being there!
When Daniel wrote this.. i just realize how amazing is that i never look on this situation this way..
I just saw this movie which is about that situation... i really enjoyed it little bit "churchy" but its logical Nicole Kidman is Catholic.

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Re: (The Others 2001)

Post by LoneBear » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:09 pm

eyewar wrote:i just realize how amazing is that i never look on this situation this way..
When you hold a conventional view of 3D space and 1D time, you learn a biased perspective. That's why I like the symmetry of the Reciprocal System... 3D space, 3D time, clock time, clock space--a nice, balanced perspective.
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