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The X-Files Reboot 2016

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:03 am
by joeyv23
The first two episodes were very hard hitting with disclosure type topics. I just caught the third episode (of 6) that left me smiling and I wanted to drop this thread here and see if anyone else was watching. If you haven't caught it on Fox on Mondays, you can check it out after the fact on Hulu and FoxNow but the latter requires a week's delay if you don't have a subscription through your television provider. I find the bits and pieces that they're dropping in this show to be very interesting. In the second episode you can even catch the little pearl "The truth is in here.", but it's quickly passed over so as not to garner too much attention. What interests me the most is the difference in mindset that the writers are appealing to. We've learned a lot from the days of the contiguous 9, much of it from the show itself, and now that there has been an awakening of consciousness to some extent and we've learned more about our reality (albeit it's not what I once considered a MASS awakening and many of those who do make it to the first awakening fall into the orange or green vMeme and get comfortable and don't initiate the second one) there's much more than can be showcased. I grant you that these terms may not be 100% accurate as I'm sure there might be some discrepant thoughts about the linearity of such a thing, first and second awakenings, but these are the lego pieces that I have to work with so this is the best I've got at present. I digress, the show is absolutely worth checking out, and I personally highly recommend it.

Re: The X-Files Reboot 2016

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:32 am
by DSKlausler
Good morning,

My opinion of the show: shite.

As with most alleged "disclosure" sources, what I consider factual, amounts to about 0.1% of the proffered information. Would this aid the casual observer. I say no; way overloaded with the typical propaganda. As I am a human male, conditioned my whole life, I will say that I believe Dana to be more attractive now than then.

Yes, I have watched all three episodes; yes, back in the day, I watched all the episodes and movies.



Re: The X-Files Reboot 2016

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:37 pm
by deepfsh
I've been following the newest episodes, watched all three of them and made quite a few notes - I'll make a long post about the series after the finale.

Looking back, only now I can see how crappy the entire series is. One of the worst propaganda available, but it's filmed quite good - Duchovny and Anderson fit very well in the series (she's more beautiful, yes, and Duchovny looks bored to me, very bored). Nevertheless, I think they made a few strong hints on what they think about the whole ET phenomenon, wrapped up in sarcasm and humour, of course (see ep. 3). Otherwise, the 2016 series (as the old one) is based on simple mindfucking, with the script updated for today's "believers".

But the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen... boy, that's reality, not just entertainment, Mr Carter!

Re: The X-Files Reboot 2016

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:42 pm
by animus
DSKlausler wrote:My opinion of the show: shite.
I second that! Though there were a few good jokes where one could laugh at oneself.
deepfsh wrote:Otherwise, the 2016 series (as the old one) is based on simple mindfucking, with the script updated for today's "believers".
Exactly my thoughts when I watched it. It's nice to have a chuckle once in a while when Hollywood provides some hidden truths for the keen-eyed audience but if I have to endure 99% bs along the way, then it's just not worth the time.
deepfsh wrote: But the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen... boy, that's reality, not just entertainment, Mr Carter!
Not really. Since the alleged airplanes-into-wtc event is but a whole new level of media fakery the show's pilot can only be considered as another kind of psychological manipulation. Bread crumbs for the many conspiracy theorists to reinforce the mindset that something of this sort really happened on 9/11.

btw joey, I watched John Carter a few weeks back and that was indeed quite enjoyable!

Re: The X-Files Reboot 2016

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:17 am
by deepfsh
animus wrote:Not really. Since the alleged airplanes-into-wtc event is but a whole new level of media fakery the show's pilot can only be considered as another kind of psychological manipulation. Bread crumbs for the many conspiracy theorists to reinforce the mindset that something of this sort really happened on 9/11.
You said it well, it just seems to me that it's a bit more realistic, palatable, evident than the alien stuff. From what I've seen (and can remember of), this episode is the clearest Hollywood psyop ("prophecy") related to this event.

This is the plot of the pilot episode:
In the premiere episode, which aired March 4, 2001, members of the U.S. government conspire to hijack an airliner, fly it into the World Trade Center, and blame the act on terrorists to gain support for a new profit-making war. The episode aired six months prior to the September 11 attacks. Wiki
And these are the creators' reasons for choosing it:
We were trying to imagine crimes that weren't paranormal, that would involve terrorism, in this case government-sponsored terrorism, so we came to the idea of running an airliner into the WTC in Manhattan [...] As a writer for the X-Files, that's the kind of stuff you spend your day doing, you're supposed to imagine the unimaginable and the unthinkable. We wanted to set these characters as heroes who are going to unbeknownst to all of us save the world from what would be a terrible, horrible thing that can happen. Unfortunately, it was the WTC [...] I have to say at the time, if it ever occurred to me, I would imagine, well of course the government has already thought about things like this, of course there are systems in place to... you know, if we can imagine it, we're just, you know, Hollywood writers. There are people in the Defence Department in Washington, D.C. who think about these things and that there are things in place to defend us against it [...] In the morning of 9/11, I was directing an episode of the X-Files and I woke up to see that on TV and my first thought was The Lone Gunmen. And I, you know, of course my first thought was God, I hope, cause I didn't know yet what it happened or why, but I hope this doesn't have anything to do with what we did on TV six months ago, I hope we aren't somehow guilty of inspiring this or... it became clear within hours, of course, that we had nothing to do with it, but it was a terrible, obviously very terrible feeling [...] When you live and work in a world that has so much imagination and then when reality just comes and sort of slams you in the face it's scary [...]

TLG documentary (min. 08:37)
Interestingly, they didn't get Chris Carter's opinion. This sounds very innocent, but what are the chances of getting it right on so many (officially accepted) points - US gov. conspiracy, hijacking of an airliner and flying it into the WTC, terrorists, new war? Just before the "real" event happened. For details, you can read the script.

This is what was said in one of the following episodes which aired in April '01:
KIMMY: Or lack thereof. Apparently the DoD has a new composite that can absorb electromagnetic transmissions, as in, it's completely invisible to radar.
JIMMY: Wow! Way to go America.
KIMMY: Yeah, but if the bad guys get their hands on it we're talking Romulan Cloaking Device. Tanks, ships, ICBMs — Saddam Hussein could build a Cessna out of this stuff and fly it right into the White House. Source
This is what the official story says:
The passengers fought the four hijackers and are suspected to have attacked the cockpit with a fire extinguisher. The plane then flipped over and sped toward the ground at upwards of 500 miles per hour, crashing in a rural field in western Pennsylvania at 10:10 a.m. All 45 people aboard were killed. Its intended target is not known, but theories include the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland or one of several nuclear power plants along the eastern seaboard. Source
Hussein, a plane flying into the White House? Another figment of imagination I suppose. This is not the first time something fictional was released before a "real" event happened.

Re: The X-Files Reboot 2016

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:02 am
by joeyv23
Ken has made a post about this too and I'm going to use part of his rhetoric here to underline why I enjoy this show.
DSKlausler wrote:As with most alleged "disclosure" sources, what I consider factual, amounts to about 0.1% of the proffered information. Would this aid the casual observer. I say no; way overloaded with the typical propaganda.
Ken, [url=][/url] wrote:The CIA connection to Hollywood should already be well known by any awakening person. The mass media complex of which Hollywood is an integral part serves as one of the twin towers of globalist manipulation of the public’s perceptions and beliefs (the other tower being the “education” system). And the CIA’s fingerprints are definitely all over the new X-Files miniseries and its attempt to influence the public’s beliefs about UFOs.
This is on the Fox network. The information in the show isn't likely to be a full on bag of information gold. With that said, there are definitely some points made in the show that, potentially will be overlooked by the casual observer but could perhaps serve as a good starting point for someone that finds interest in things that are "out of this world" enough to start digging for answers themselves. The "facts" laid out in the intro to the first episode aren't completely accurate. No huge shock there. What I find important isn't what is given in the monologue as truth, but rather the statement and question posed at the end of it. "... but now people only laugh and only remember Roswell, but we must ask ourselves; Are they really a hoax, are we truly alone, or are we being lied to?" This question merits significant value in my mind.

At 07:27 of the first episode, the alternative news host, Tad O'Malley says, "9/11 was a false flag operation. It was a warm-up to World War 3." This is a valid point being brought fully out into the open for the collective consciousness to deal with. Will it be dealt with? Considering the state of affairs of the world and the insanely successful agenda to dumb down and pacify the masses, perhaps not. Again, still, this is a good point for a few who will hear this and have their curiosity sparked enough to perhaps do some research of their own. I'm not interested so much in how well this will appeal to the 'masses' so much as I am in the idea that a few might be able to use these points as triggers for their curiosity. Even if it doesn't happen though, it's entertaining to me having woken up enough already to even feel interested at all that these things are being portrayed in this show.

One might wonder, 'How does this benefit the spiritual evolution of a person?' to which I answer that it is necessary for a person to become dissatisfied with the 'truths' given to them by the world around them in order to feel discomfort enough to evolve.[1]Beginning the process of peeling back the superficial layers of the (for lack of a better word) matrix reality allows for creation of Shen[2] energy which is requisite to peeling back deeper and deeper layers.

At 11:54, Sveta, the abductee who pointed the reporter O'Malley to Mulder and Scully, shows them scars on her torso and O'malley remarks on them, "You both probably recognize the classic scoop mark scars." This is another valuable point that might (or might not and only cause fear) bring some level of awareness to and curiosity about the phenomena for people that might have these themselves or know someone that has them to start digging for answers. I do consider that this might engender fear in a person that doesn't know more about anything in the occult spheres of reality, but fear has a spiritual purpose and is something that must be dealt with at some point or points along the way when walking the Magnum Opus[3]. I have one of these marks myself and I still don't have an explanation that satisfies my mind as to how I got it, but having this mentioned on the show brought me a feeling of satisfaction that it has been recognized enough that the concept could make its way into the public eye even if only to be quickly forgotten by most that will have seen it.

Sveta then goes on to recount her experiences of being used as an incubator for some type of genetic modification / hybridization agenda, a point to which I will return later in this post. In the next scene, Sveta declares that she is "kind of a mind reader" and "can move things". So we have here a person with psionic ability but admittedly doesn't have control over it. Make that point three that my mind marks as valuable.

Moving on from here, O'Malley takes Mulder to a "secure" location to show Mulder an ARG or Alien Replica Vehicle. This is the first time I have heard that term but moments prior to this we get another nugget for people who might find interest to chew on when Mulder, who just had a black bag taken off of his head asks simply, "A Faraday cage?" I find it likely that many at home may never have heard of one of these in their lives before that moment when the show aired. It's equally as likely that 99% of those who watched won't have batted an eye at this, but again, I'm not interested in what would appeal to the masses, it's in consideration of the few who will take notice and whose curiosity may have been spurred enough to have led them here that I point these out.

There is then a bit of disinformation about "free energy"[4][5] but it's likely due to the upsurge in popularity of zero point / toroidal energy as a "free" alternative to combustion as a means of propulsion in the consciousness of many delving into these spheres. Those here who are familiar with daniel's work understand that "free" energy is a misconception born out of legacy science's inability to account for the Cosmic sector of time/space. We then see the scientist make the ARG disappear (not just visually) and Mulder asks, "A gravity warp drive? How?" To which he gets the response, "Element 115, Ununpentium." I'll leave this for someone more technically minded than I am at present to tackle the truth/untruth/viability of this.

A few scenes later, we find Mulder paying Sveta a visit to question her about her hesitation from their previous conversation as she had looked to O'Malley for visual guidance when giving answers to the questioning at hand. We now hear it explained that Sveta doesn't believe that aliens were the ones doing the abducting, but rather that it was humans.

This hearkens back to the previous allusion to genetic modification and hybridization agenda and is in line with Ken's supposition "that the globalists will use black-budget aerospace craft and GMO humanoids to fake an “alien intervention” that stops nuclear war this September." and "that the electrogravitic propulsion technology of the UFOs is human technology, and the genetic material they are attempting to fuse with humans is of animal and synthetic origin, not “alien."[6]. I find this interesting in conjuction with the supposition/observation made (I believe it was daniel but I can't recall or find the exact text) that much of the UFO phenomena is likely to be the result of human elites trying to follow in their Annunaki parent's footsteps and get OFF the planet rather than neighboring ET's coming to the planet and crashing or being shot down. I believe this also fits with the information given by the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, if he is to be taken at his word, about his abduction experience into a secure underground base.[7]

I find it worthy to note that Ken has delved into the agenda/script being played out in greater detail than most that I've come across, however, likely due to some level of fear, he leaves out the possibility that there may actually be some kind of human / non-human interaction whether in the past or present and it seems to me that he thinks all of the script being played out is the product of the mind of man. I personally don't think it wise to give homo sapiens that much credit. Again, citing the Elder Credo Mutwa,[8] in conjunction with information about the Annunaki interaction with humanity[9], I personally think that there's a strong possibility that the "Real Christ" that Ken has been discussing recently who might come onto the scene after the next 7 years of tribulation would potentially not be a human at all. The information in that linked exposé by Credo Mutwa ties in quite nicely with episode 3 of the new season's reboot.

Once again, this type of information might be seen to have no other purpose but to engender fear, but I would have to disagree with that notion. Situation awareness is a valuable tool to have in the psyche's toolbox. I'm not worried about the script that's playing out around us but I do find it interesting to connect the dots and consider what might be in store for the greater population of this species and use this to help me develop my personal sense of ethics. I feel that the caveat to all of this is the time period in which things will seem to have gotten better, the "victory of the light" stage, that I think may be a very useful/productive time period for those of us looking to truly evolve to become peaceful explorers of the universe insofar as obtaining tangible resources to that end.

Moving along in the show, Mulder, with his new piece of worldview changing information, goes to speak with his old boss, Skinner, and begins questioning who he works for, which could be taken as a nod towards the deductions Ken has been making about the situation on the planet as mentioned here:
Ken wrote:So the CIA/Hollywood complex is suggesting the “well-oiled and well-armed multinational group of elites” behind the alien conspiracy are…

1) the “military industrial complex,”
2) the political-level “world leaders,”
3) the “governments,” and
4) the “corporations.”

But as any student of this conspiracy should know by now, these four groups are NOT the bosses; they are mere mid-level minions. Operating above all of them is the banking complex (the commercial and central banks), and operating above the banking complex are the real bosses and their top-level minions (the Occulted Powers):

1) the Roman Empire (the Catholic and Orthodox Churches + associated global religions and priesthoods),
2) the royal families,
3) the Jewish bankster families,
4) the Freemasons and other secret societies, and
5) the Mafia and other sanctioned criminal groups
He then goes on to inquire:
Did you notice how NONE of these five groups was mentioned as taking part in the alien conspiracy?
To which I would respond, yes it was noticed, but you apparently missed the allusion to this and it appears as though you were hoping perhaps that the show would drop some earth-shattering, hard-hitting bits of truth to knock a very wide swath of the population out of their sleeping stupor.
And why is this?
Because that's not the purpose of the show. Dig deeper.
As I said before, the CIA and Hollywood don’t want you to know what’s really going on and who’s really behind it. They want you to believe in benevolent aliens so they can pull off the next step of their “End Times” plan to unite the world under a theocratic dictatorship (and have us believe it’s a paradise).
To the latter statement I won't disagree, but to the former I would have to point out something that I'm not sure Ken is aware of, the modus operandi of certain groups (who I assume, perhaps falsely, Ken isn't willing to consider a reality per his human-centric worldview) to show the truth but to do so in a way that willful acceptance occurs because silence is consent.[10]

Therein is spiritual value worthy of noting once again. There will be a very small few (or perhaps none at all) that will have their curiosity piqued enough that they start digging and moving consciously on the Magnum Opus. There will be a very large majority that won't. There is nothing wrong nor shameful for the latter choice. The former choice, in my opinion, from as wide a perspective as I can take, is no more important than the alternative in the grand scheme of conscious evolution. Failures are not failures and problems are not problems from the perspective that this is all a part of the Magnum Opus and all choices are integral to the creation of it as it is.

Back in the show at this point, in his discussion with Skinner, Mulder does something that has so much spiritual importance that it must not be overlooked. Mulder states, "All this time I was being led by my nose through a dark alley to a dead-end exactly as they planned." Skinner questions if he (Mulder) was blaming him (Skinner) for that and Mulder responds with, "No, I'm blaming myself." thereby taking personal responsibility for his (currently) perceived shortcomings and inability in the past to not see what he sees now and presenting himself with an opportunity to move forward from this point after having been stagnant on his walk along the Magnum Opus for 14 years since he and Scully left the FBI.

I don't think it's necessary to further tear apart all of the episodes or the rest of this one as I've done here. I don't mean to suggest that you guys that have given your opinion so far that stand in contrast to mine are wrong for it. Quite the contrary, I find it interesting to see where the minds of others move to as a response to this show. I've dug in and made this post as I have for anyone that might, as I mentioned before, find themselves curious because of the series reboot event and starts digging for some keywords that might land them here on this page. If it doesn't happen that way, that's fine too. I was able to kill a few hours at work contemplating things that I enjoy contemplating which is why I like the reboot so much.

Last note about the show's subject material.. I loved the part in episode 3 when the object of Mulder's curiosity explains his progression of his conscious evolution as a human. Absolutely brilliant! :D


[1] Peret, Bruce, 'Spiral Dynamics'*; The premise is that we go through a number of different, discrete "valuing" stages during the course of our lives, where we find systems that do a fairly good job of answering the questions we consider to be important at that time. We remain within that stage, known as a "valuing Meme" or vMeme, until we become dissatisfied with the answers it provides. Once that happens, we start seeking another vMeme that will provide acceptable answers to our questions.
[2] Phoenix III, Daniel, ""Homo Sapiens Ethicus: Life, Death, Reincarnation and Ascension" Pg. 5 'Types of Bioenergy' -- Pg 7. 'Shen: Spirit Energy'
[3] Peret, Bruce, 'Magnum Opus'*; The Magnum Opus is the Great Work, normally attributed to Alchemy but applicable in many other disciplines, such as this one--what we refer to as "Kheb." It is a physical, mental and spiritual process to bring one from the state of blindness, a "muggle," (Harry Potter) or "sap," (The Tomorrow People) to a state of enlightenment--a much larger world view, encompassing all aspects of the physical, metaphysical and spiritual.
[4] Phoenix III, Daniel, "Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension" Pg. 2 [5] "Some of the misconceptions being: the backward direction of stellar evolution, the omission of 3-dimensional time, the omission of the “cosmic sector” (the universe of antimatter), and the nature of radiation and x-ray emission.
[5] ibid., Discussion, "Imprisoned By TPTB Who Have Suppressed Energy And Propulsion"
[6] Ken, ... -campaign/
[7] Credo Mutwa,
[8] ibid.,
[10]Phoenix III, Daniel, "Space Travel: Science is Fiction?: "At least that is what it says in the Uniform Commercial Code that runs every aspect of our legal lives."

*(this information is posted behind a registration firewall, for access refer to registration info at the top site,

Re: The X-Files Reboot 2016

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:57 pm
by animus
deepfsh wrote:This is not the first time something fictional was released before a "real" event happened.
Yes, there have been several if not lots of such "coincedences" and I bet those are only a fraction. There are surely quite a number of them which have yet to be discovered or connected.

joeyv23 wrote:there are definitely some points made in the show that, potentially will be overlooked by the casual observer but could perhaps serve as a good starting point for someone that finds interest in things that are "out of this world" enough to start digging for answers themselves.
First let me say, wow, one hell of a post. A good one! It's this statement at the very beginning of your post that made me remember what I've not cared to consider at first, which I usually do: the situation looked at from another one's point of view. In this case of those people who are about to begin or just began their journey of questioning everything and looking for answers. I said "at first" because I did consider it later on and removed my statement that I wouldn't recommend the show. Still wouldn't for well-researched people. Most of us in this forum won't get much out of this reboot, since we have made quite some headway in that respect, i.e. the above mentioned journey, and are able to recognize blatant propaganda when it's presented to us.

I noticed all the nuggets you mentioned and always like the feeling when I spot one that isn't too obvious. After reading the vigilant citizen articles and some other stuff you can't help but spotting them everywhere you look.