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Post by gdpetti » Mon Nov 28, 2005 3:22 pm

The Birth of Venus on August 12, 3114 BC brought new hope to the Elder Race
:? That time frame seems to fit the last event (comet clusters?) that Laura Knight talks about on her site at the cassiopaeans last wave ~309,000 yrs ago.

I'm currently reading it and it seems to pass the 'discernment' what do you think :?: Of course the names and words changes some, but otherwise it seems to fit all the Confed stuff...and all this stuff as well....only it's very content and ye shall find? Careful what you ask for the Confeds said.... :wink: Answers seem to be coming to my questions alright...much more than I expected.

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Re: Cassiopeans

Post by LoneBear » Tue Nov 29, 2005 12:36 pm

gdpetti wrote:I'm currently reading it and it seems to pass the 'discernment' what do you think :?: Of course the names and words changes some, but otherwise it seems to fit all the Confed stuff...and all this stuff as well....only it's very content and ye shall find? Careful what you ask for the Confeds said.... :wink: Answers seem to be coming to my questions alright...much more than I expected.
I think it is basically a fear-based ripoff of original Law of One material. I haven't looked at it recently, but she stole a bunch of stuff from Carla and Don, without ever crediting them for the information. And in regards to the quantum physics stuff... as soon as the words "hyperdimensional physics" shows up, grab your wallet and run.

When I do research, I always take it back as far as I can to its origins. In regards to the Law of One, the Ra Material is the definitive origin. Yes, there were some references to in in the Cayce readings, but they never discussed the philosophy--only a reference to it.

This stuff is like the Bible... re-written and edited so much, the original truths are almost lost.

Always remember... "complexity is entertaining; simplicity is not." The universe is a simple place. Are you seeing the simplicity, or just being "entertained" by this stuff?


Re: Cassiopeans

Post by gdpetti » Wed Nov 30, 2005 11:22 am

:? I had the same first and second impressions....turn off...though I only looked at a part that someone else had linked to...both times...and it just went on and my opinion it is the same stuff as the LOO. I don't see the just seems to be putting more meat on the bones from an intellectual pov vs one from the reminds me of what Don would be doing...the same type of investigation...from the intellect...trying to understand WTF is going on....and it seems to agree completely with all the Confed I never separated any of the Confed it seemed, like Hatoon said many times, there is nothing to talk about but is all there is....and this material seems to be but more words about the same....more like a historian trying to understand a dig site....BUT, I've only started reading is long like Wilcox site....and the science stuff gets a little thick at far my BS meter hasn't gone off at all, and that's one 'gift' I seemed to have had my whole life.....

This stuff seems to just be a continuation of the Confeds, of everything else I've read from David Hawkins investigations into consciousness, to Joseph Campbell, to Otto Spengler and all the rest. So far, it is like getting a deeper understanding of what the Confeds have said...and helps me put all the pieces of the puzzle they seem to be putting themself together I'm just watching the seeing the world through a different set of lenses. I'm beginning to understand why the Confeds kept calling it a cosmic does get funny once you learn to just step back and is a game and we all have parts to play. And the Confeds always give that fractual explanation of the universe as a hologram type experience as all is in everything....good or bad...if you can see then can see it in the lies as well as the truth.

And that is why it starts getting I laughed listening to the news.
The game is getting interesting. If my BS meter goes off, I'll let you know. :wink:
But like Hawkins said on enlightenment, if you weren't meant to follow that path, you wouldn't be on, I guess I'll just follow my path and see where it leads... :P

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Re: Cassiopeans

Post by Tulan » Wed Nov 30, 2005 2:42 pm

there is nothing to talk about but love
There is a reciprocal. It is not all there is, and if you introduce a paradox to that dichotomy, you can get them to work together.

So first you must identify what "love" is, then identify its reciprocal.

Then you must figure out how to make it a paradox.
if you weren't meant to follow that path, you wouldn't be on it
That quote would sound better if it was: "If you did not choose to follow that path, you wouldn't be on it."

You choose your path. So just remember, YOU chose to be where you are, whether it was unconcious or concious.

"I can only show you the door, YOU have to open it." --Morpheus
Ah, you seek meaning? Then listen to the music, not the song. - Kosh Naranek


Re: Cassiopeans

Post by gdpetti » Sun Dec 04, 2005 5:03 pm

This word,as the Confeds have always used it, has always confused me, as it seems to represent the Creator and Its Creation....everything...infinite and does one define that :?:

This is one problem in the Cassiopaean material, as Laura goes through her personal history and misfortunes in the 'love and light'...she uses that phrase as love only, ignoring all else that distracts one's focus from 'happy, happy, joy, joy'....and so catalyst came in to balance her towards what the Confeds and her own Casssiopaeans would call 'love and light' as compassion, and light as wisdom-knowlege-understanding. A matter of semantics perhaps, but it seems to me more one of balance. As the song goes, 'words get in the way'.

Regarding taking the blue pill vs the red pill, her contact, the Cassiopaeans go into much detail in this regard, essentiallly, that to learn, one must stay open and alert and learn everything....Kowledge protects.

And their use of the name Cassiopaeans is a device discribing their current location upon this approaching 'Wave'...the realm border crossing, as they call it. So, I would guess that their name would change as their location gets nearer, unless that group wishes to retain that naming feature in their channellings.

Other than the sematic issues of misunderstanding, this material so far has passed my BS meter of discernment. The Cassiopaeans seem to represent the same interest, regard and free will of their contact, and the issues discussed seem the same as the Confeds. The only difference is the level of detail regarding the mechanics of life on planet Earth....alot of content that I'm trying to place into the context I found with the Confeds. As more questions are asked, more answered are received in that groups investigations. It has helpled me understand what the Confeds have been talking about....I think...if someone knows better, please speak up....are have I yet to ask the right questions :?:

The nature of the 'shunt' as the COnfeds called it, seems to be the parallel universe that Earth is on....if I understand the Cassio stuff, as presented by Laura and her team. I'm only half way through the Wave book and before I was skipping around the back index for whatever eye candy appealed to me. The intro on their methodology etc seemed similiar to what Carla talks about etc. Their intent seems genuine etc.

But I always 'judge' or evaulatue-discern the message over that of the the Confeds say, the 'truth' can be found anywhere...if you learn how to see that even amidst the lies, the truth can be found.

All the scientific stuff is a little hard for me to digest...the 4D STS use of us, as we use 2D creatures was interesting and amusing....They eat us as we eat 2D... :) The issue of 2D entities in human form....not sure I have this understood correctly yet...but it reminded me of what LoneBear said about the 2D, how they were put in early human forms a long time before 3D began.....I think this is the same point in which Laura talks of OP' the same way now in 3D....lower chakras activated, while the upper ones lie in potentiation until the next Wave-realm border occurs, in which as we go 4D, they go the upper levels activate....makes sense....if I understood that correctly...still reading through it all....and it goes pretty deep in seems to me Don would have asked the same questions if he had the chance....and they mentioned the silver cord as a conduit to 5D-after death etc...but that the cord remains for those attached in physical Earth existence...and they see it as if it never changed....ghosts etc.... :? Not sure if I understand all this yet...but perhaps if Don was under such heavy attack, he used this as an emergency exit :?: Just a thought...especially, if all the stuff about STS manipulation of our bodies has any semblance of 'truth'. Then there's the nature of the approaching 2012 which the early warnings are sightings of the sun's dark companion, illuminated by the sun, seen in the sky for some time, and when it passes, we haven't noticed the disturbance in the OOrt cloud from which the cyclic comet clusters approach, faster than usual, as they follow the gravity well from this companion....pushed along by the approaching Wave....and it's 'merging' aspect of the paralled universes created by STS and others?

All interesting the monoatomic gold filament used in all stobe's etc, as low level hyponosis effecting agent, or something like that.... :?:
I don't know, but it is rather tasty food for thought....and I like to think....and I will reserve any semblance of 'judgement' until the feast is over...but so far, none of it conflicts with the Confeds, rather it goes further in depth....or so it seems. Perhaps some red flag will go up, and I'll change my opinion...but usually, my BS meter of discernment would have gone off by now, and it hasn't. I have always been on mind that I would like to know everything, and I don't think I should affect opinions unwarranted of personal I'll let the catalyst pass on through in experience as I search out any potential bias of a flavor I enjoy....if nothing else, the book is a good example of what not to do...don't ignore the warnings all about aware.

Sounds good to me. :wink:


Re: Cassiopeans

Post by gdpetti » Sun Dec 04, 2005 10:37 pm

As I'm not the science guy, you tell me what you 'think' about now she is past most of the intro personal stuff and the Cass sessions dominate the's a sample.
Fair Use applies....
On the other hand, sharing knowledge and awareness might have an altogether different outcome:

(L) Now, one question that we were discussing earlier is: how can the close approach of the theorized companion star cause an increase in the Sun's gravity when there is no reason why it should change anything since gravity is a function of mass?
A: But do you rally know all there is to know about gravity?
Q: (A) No, we don't know. But, does this mean that this will be an effect that does not follow from the theory of gravity that we know already?
A: Gravity is the life force that binds all realities as one. In order to understand this, you would need a reworking of the theorem.
Q: (A) We have Einstein's theory of gravity, and the question is whether the effect of increasing the Sun's gravity is something that goes beyond Einstein's equations or not?
A: You must see the wave.
Q: (A) What wave, a gravitational wave, or an electromagnetic wave, or some other wave? What wave?
A: Arkadiusz, how do these intersect?
Q: (A) Gravity and electromagnetic?
A: Yes. And others.
Q: (A) How they are described within a theory, or how they intersect in space when they come together?
A: Both.
Q: (A) Okay, why does this increase in the Sun's gravity have anything to do with electromagnetism? We were told that the Brown star will not radiate any radiation, so, in particular, no electromagnetic radiation. So, where does electromagnetics come in? I do not understand...
A: Gravitational pull incites electromagnetic impulse.
Q: (A) Okay, that means we go beyond gravitational theory, and this is part of Unified Field Theory?
A: Yes, exactly!! The complete UFT was withheld from you!
Q: (T) So, the complete UFT is known to someone here on the planet?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And they are not making it available...
A: Oh no, because "The Truth Will Set You Free!" You may access hyperspatial truths with UFT.
Q: (A) Well, we started with the increased mass of the Sun, and we came to UFT which is hidden from us because it would make us free; there is this tendency in me to follow this road because it is science and would open a new road. The question is whether such activity or knowing such things will lead to other densities? Is it just for satisfaction, or is there real value in knowing more in this direction?
A: Well, the Unified Field Theory unlocks the door completely to the higher densities... Grids.
Q: (L) What kind of grids...
A: The planet has been enshrouded with EM grid.
Q: (T) Are these the ley lines?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are they artificially generated?
A: Contoured.
Q: (L) They are artificially contoured. What is the result of this shrouding?
A: Manipulated for use by 3rd/4th Consortium.
Q: (A) What kind of EM grid? (L) The natural EM grid is being contoured...
A: Like a gently waving geometric "blanket."
Q: (T) Is it on the surface of the planet, through the planet, or where?
A: Above.
Q: (T) The gravity waves, whether they exist or not, are a controversy, yet they are part of the UFT, and someone already knows how it works. Therefore, it is only controversy to those who don't know what the answer is, and it is not a controversy to those who know. They know what it is and how to measure it and how to use it.
A: Of course.
Q: (A) Some power is used to sustain this grid. What is it?
A: Land and space based generators.
Q: (T) What can it be used for?
A: Multiple uses. Net. Calculates... You are dancing on the 3rd density ballroom floor. "Alice likes to go through the looking glass" at the Crystal Palace. Atlantean reincarnation surge brings on the urge to have a repeat performance.
Q: (T) The Atlanteans who have reincarnated are getting ready to do the same thing they did before with the crystals. So, this is an Atlantean type thing that is being done now? Different equipment, but the same type of thing?
A: All lessons must be learned before you can move onto bigger and better things.
Q: (L) Is that a general statement about the Atlanteans repeating the lessons, or that once we learn this lesson, we can move onto bigger and better things in counteracting this grid?
A: All that is present and future too.
Q: (A) I want to ask if there is something that we can and should do about this grid for ourselves?
A: Why? To know was all you need.
Q: (A) Well, it was said that this was for the purpose of control and manipulation. So, knowing is all that we need. Or, we could try to shield... (L) But, to know IS the shield. I don't know how that works, but it seems to be so.
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Now, how did we come to this grid from UFT?
A: Grid construction represents application of...
Q: (L) Somehow we went from the increased gravity of the Sun, to UFT, to the grid...
A: UFT explains the "increased" gravity of Sol. But, is there not something in UFT about increase/decrease???
Q: (A) There is no reason for it to increase or decrease... but this is Einstein's theory which we were told is incorrect... (L) Well, maybe it is speed? When two things are rotating in tandem, when they come together, wouldn't it increase their speed, and doesn't speed increase gravity? (A) No, we were told that there is some interaction between gravity and EM wave, and this is what UFT is about... If we use other dimensions which we are supposed to use in this UFT, going with Kaluza-Klein, then the very concept of mass is something which is not so clear, and mass can be variable...
A: Yes, variability of physicality.
Q: (T) Fourth density. (A) We were told earlier that this UFT opens the door to other densities...
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Can we have a UFT which unifies EM and gravity and does not include the concept of other densities. In other words, can we put in a textbook all about the gravity and electromagnetics, and a student could learn all of this and still know nothing about other densities?
A: No. Other densities become apparent when...
Q: (A) So, it means that Einstein and Von Neumann knew about these other densities?
A: Yes, oh yes!!!
Q: (T) Just a thought: having UFT and being able to manipulate different fields within it, creates different effects. So, as we understand it in the apparent present state of science, we have to spin something in space in order to create gravity. But, with the UFT, one small offshoot is that one could create real gravity without spinning anything. So, the problem of weightlessness is really already solved...
A: Elementary my dear Terry, elementary.
Q: (T) So, this whole thing with the space station and all the trouble they are having readapting to gravity when they come back, is all a game...
A: When you "let the cat out of the bag," you create an entire feline "nation."
Q: (T) So, we are capable of "Star Trek" right now?
A: In a sense, but there is so much more than that.
Q: (T) Of course. Most people would say that 'cutting edge' science is 25 years ahead of what we see, and I say it is more like a hundred years, and I am even off? Cutting edge science on this planet is more like 3 or 4 hundred years ahead?
A: More like 30 to 40,000 years "ahead!"
Q: (L) Is that because of 4th density influence and information?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) 30 to 40 thousand years? Let me get that number right...
A: Yes, at least.
:? Hmmm. Is it me, or is this very, very interesting stuff? Better than any scifi stuff I've ever seen...and this is just the science type...most of the rest I can 'get' much easier. The above time consideration of advance info is based on previous material underground 4D bases etc.
So, what do you think :?: I keep waiting for my personal BS meter to go off, but the damn thing won't! But I'm a slow reader with this stuff, so time will more ways than one. :lol:

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Re: Cassiopeans

Post by Alluvion » Mon Dec 05, 2005 6:24 am

interesting, but there is a lot of static in the channel so to speak.

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Topic moved

Post by LoneBear » Mon Dec 05, 2005 11:57 am

I have moved this topic to Psi-Phi from the "History of the Elder Race", because it had nothing to do with the history of the Elder Race. And as near as I can tell, has nothing to do with science, either.

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