Working of a Research Institute

Kheb is a monastery, remote but not secluded, where people can have an alternative to the mercantile system that is imposed upon society by our political and educational institutions. It is a physical PLACE, and this topic is to discuss the facilities, structures, accommodations, and other physical constructs needed to successfully implement the ideas behind the Sanctuary Project, as well as the "political" structures of a new type of monastic system.
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Working of a Research Institute

Post by Gopi » Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:20 pm


After staying at the NARI Institute near Pune, India, for a month, it was pretty much clear how an organization works, and how the power flow matters. The system was built on principles which were Green, but it had ended up being essentially Blue vMeme in its working. This was because the intervening Orange was totally wiped out, so postmodernism went to premodernism. The aims of the Institute were simple:

- Conduct research on Agriculture and Renewable Energy.
- Have the infrastructure for the research
- Have the people for getting projects, research, and marketing them.

The Blue Class:

The worker class is predominantly from the Blue vMeme background, who will work under a given set of rules. On an average I found the people at the institute being sincere workers, in spite of the dictatorship. This showed that interesting work is what drives them primarily, and gives them meaning. A bunch of levels, like "Beginner", "Senior" and "Advanced" called by any kind of designation would inspire the lower ones to reach the higher levels on merit. At the advanced level, there should be a bonus system, which would inspire the person at that level to go to the Orange meme. This means that there would be a constant influx and outflux of people in an organization, with some people sticking on. This was how the system had started working originally when it was the most productive. The maintenance department and the research department is best being merged, and having a common head. This would keep theory and practical in tally. They are answerable to the Orange guy above them who is busy getting projects.

Original research works best at the Advanced level, as the person knows enough of the rules, for basic working, and questions the rules enough to go round them a bit.

The Orange Class:

Here, the onus shifts from 'encouragement' to 'money'. The idea is to make the desire for material goods work in favour of the Institute and the individual. Every institute would require funds, or marketing. Individuals who are tasting independence must be given an option of looking for suitable funding, making presentations, approaching the relevant bodies, and carrying the plan through. The incentive system should best be made a percentage. The more they get, the more they get.

Project proposals are also best done by this class, as this would amount to expanding the business. The important point here is to keep the pay strictly performance dependent. Any deviation from that would make the system pretty badly corrupt. Other responsibilities would involve building things: new quarters, new equipment, etc.

The Green Class:

The inter-departmental Management job is best left to these guys, as they are very good managers. Holding the team meetings, letting the workers know of the progress in the other divisions and vice versa, and listening to their complaints.

The distribution of the salaries, and giving the recognition to the workers are other additional jobs of this class, as would be arranging for seminars and deciding the people who would go for that. It is best if the head of the institution could be Yellow, but since the number is very small, it would mostly so happen that Green would rule. If that is so, it is VERY vital that the marketing men and research heads' post is never scrapped, as that would make the institute a mess.

The Yellow Class:

Ideally, the Director or the President of the Institute must be from this meme, to take care of the various levels of the Institute. As the governing Head, the direction in which the Institute AND the individuals are going would be pretty clear to the person at this level.

To be continued...
It is time.

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