Ranching and Farming

Kheb is a monastery, remote but not secluded, where people can have an alternative to the mercantile system that is imposed upon society by our political and educational institutions. It is a physical PLACE, and this topic is to discuss the facilities, structures, accommodations, and other physical constructs needed to successfully implement the ideas behind the Sanctuary Project, as well as the "political" structures of a new type of monastic system.
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Ranching and Farming

Post by LoneBear » Sun Sep 02, 2007 9:24 pm

My notes on the farming/ranching aspect of a self-sufficient community:
  • Use organic farming; set up a positive feedback system using natural resources, not the government definitions of "organic".
  • Avoid monoculture. Rotate crops yearly.
  • Do not grow one thing in only one place, use smaller plots that are widely separated. May make harvesting more difficult, but has advantages of not succumbing to disease, insects or other problems.
  • Lots of flowing water, ponds and waterfalls to increase oxidation; keep up frog and fish population to combat insects.
  • Hay reduces algae in ponds.
  • Use "edible landscaping". Select flowers and herbs that can be used for human or animal food.
  • Bat houses to combat insects.
  • Varieties of flowers to attract songbird and insect-eating birds. Avoid attracting seed-eating birds, as they can wipe out crops.
  • Aquaculture; fish-farming in ponds and streams through population control.
  • Hydroponics for winter food (cold frames, greenhouses).
  • Animals graze with fruit crops; rotate yearly.
  • Jerusalem artichokes/tubers for pigs and other burrowing animals to dig up. Increases their muscle tone, tills the land, and spreads manure so people don't have to.
Additions or comments?

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Re: Ranching and Farming

Post by deepfsh » Sun May 11, 2014 1:56 pm

All of these reminded me on Sepp Holtzer's permaculture. [1][2][3][4][5] I first learned about him when my brother invited me to attend one of his public lectures in our country in 2009.
If I understand correctly, you intend to raise also the animals at the place of the Sanctuary, not only crops, so that there is a complete independency, and all human dietary needs are met.
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