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Re: The "New Age"

Post by Aravinda » Sat Aug 20, 2016 2:19 pm

joeyv23 wrote:What I would offer in regards to the Mean vMeme, as a matter of engendering a seed of dissatisfaction in order to promote the growth of consciousness to Tier 2 is a bit of logic that I suspect will be dismissed because it is easier to remain in a place of comfort, (and the Mean vMeme is incredibly comfortable -- speaking from experience) and serious consideration of a line of thought such as this could lead to the opposite.

If it is to be accepted that everyone's view of reality is valid, and I declare that my view of the world is that this stated view of the world (that all views of reality are valid) is invalid, where does that leave us?
Joey, the amazing thing about existence is there is room for all points of view. there are worlds within worlds and we create our own world based on our beliefs. its important to remember our p o v is just as valid as anyone else's and everyone has the right to express themselves based on where they are at. if your p o v is that only your views are valid, then you will continue to be in judgment instead of allowance. this is why war is a favorite past time in this world. what is this root of needing to judge, punish or define others opinions? those who wish to control the masses understand this very well and have designed society to create such people so they can use them and amuse themselves.

Society teaches us everything comes from outside of ourselves, and to doubt ourselves so they can continue to steal our power. victim consciousness continues to be an insidious prison and the current spate of all these people who want to feel "special" and "privileged" such as BLM and the LGBT community to give two examples is what this poisonous collectivist thinking has done to humanity. Blame is great for those who are taught to think everyone else is responsible for their choices and the quality of their life. what better excuse to never put any effort into anything because someone else decides, and it wont matter anyway. these groups infected with victim consciousness are ironically the most judgmental, angry and rigid group, even though they claim they are interested in acceptance. this acceptance only applies to accepting them, and they are unwilling to accept or respect others. how can you be accepted or respected if you arent willing to give that? the attempt to receive approval and a special status is to fill the emptiness and sadness and feeling of rejection within themselves. this can never be filled, so their actions grow more outrageous and more demanding. victim consciousness is a huge lie that is dividing society and allowing the implementation of Draconian ideas and lifestyles. Terry Goodkind described this very well in his sword of truth series.

Our founders understood the danger of the ignorant masses and victim consciousness, which is why they made America a nation of laws, not men, where no one has privilege, and no one is above the law. all of these "laws" that are being made for certain groups are unconstitutional and unnecessary. this is why America is a republic, not a democracy.

People cling to their beliefs, and the need to be right, and die or kill for them every day. its all most people have to feel powerful. choosing to be happy instead of right is a major step up the ladder. humans arent being raised to love and honor themselves or each other. most have never felt pure joy or happiness from within themselves. so the feeling of being right is a powerful reward and poor substitute for happiness and peace. attachment to things to satisfy our emptiness is taught from the time we are babies. parents resort to baby gear and do not hold their infants like they should. they give them toys and in time, we learn that things will not hurt us or disappoint us, they will always be there for us. we place the natural healthy attachment we should have with our parents and others onto things and then are shamed for this coping mechanism as we are taught to be attachment disordered, psychopaths or sociopaths. everyone is just doing their best to soothe themselves, whether it be thru drugs, food, or being right. healthy attachment alleviates the fear of being abandoned or harmed. it creates a security that is vital to a higher form of consciousness.

For me, to let go of the fear that someone else's p o v has more power than mine is an important process to becoming a more realized creator. an infinite being is not afraid of someone else's beliefs or lifestyle. to break down everything into just being opinions that may or may not change, is very freeing and makes everything less finite and scary.

Fear, not hate is opposite of love. fear is a dangerous state of being for a fearful being is one who is unpredictable and usually resorts to violence; against self or others. Animals react strongly to fear for they understand the danger inherent in this out of control emotion.
And to this day, [those] who know the self as I am Brahman [the ONE], become all this universe. Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10

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